A Short Excerpt About Myself….

_MG_8611.JPG“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”

–         Robert Frost

These lines were the favorite lines of the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. In his autobiography “A Man of Destiny”, he concludes the book with these lines. These lines have been an integral part of my life since the time I read the book at a tender age of eleven, and have been like a guiding light which motivate me to achieve higher aspirations in life, before the time for me comes to sleep.

As a person I was always an introvert girl till the age of eleven. I never really liked or preferred being in groups, but, worked out most of the things myself. After participating in an elocution which I call a page turner in my life I believed that I was confident and could take my stand very powerfully. Communication, after that page turner, occurred to me was one of my key strengths which has made me what I am today. I strongly believe that language is something which sets you apart from others, the way you portray and put forth yourself through it.

At school I had always been an average performer but critically praised for my elocution, drama, dance and communication skills. I made it a point to balance extra curricular and academics. My mother being a doctor and father an engineer the atmosphere at home always taught me to be ethical and determined about the work I took up. My parents instilled both the importance of mirth, academics and entertainment in my life.

Dance, a word that creates an aura around me everytime I hear it or feel it and do the action. I dance to express and not to impress which is why it gave me motivation to learn a myriad of dance styles including Bharatnatyam, Salsa, Contemporary and Bollywood. Living life to the fullest and believing in miracles has always been my firm belief. That is the reason when I ended up studying Humanities against the wish of my parents, I never regretted the decision because it has done wonders to me. I was always amongst the top performers since the time I took up humanities from an average performer at school because I realized that it was one of my key areas of interest. I enjoyed studying Economics, History and Psychology to the core. German language was my baby. I thoroughly got engrossed when I was into it, and I am proud of the fact that this further motivated me to pursue Economics and German simultaneously for four years completing my Bachelors and my six levels of German from Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune.

My hunger for the language did not stop at that, I went on to study the basics of German literature and Commercial German which gave me a command over the language in a way that I could use it proficiently. This also paved the path to learn Spanish as this would not only help me build a strong and robust career path but also benefit me in the long run. At the same time it also proved beneficial in getting to know the diverse cultures of the world in a more defined manner.

My role model for this sole thing has been my mother from whom I developed a habit of worthy reading that has transferred into the interest of learning languages. I consider going to Germany at the age of 17 for a student exchange program on a merit scholarship as my biggest achievement so far. This meaningful journey of recognizing the language aspect and transferring it to a learning helped me rediscover Germany with a very holistic approach. Also, I inherit the quality of sincerity from my role model, my mother which has helped me bury myself into a certain type of work that interests me. The underlining statement is that “When I want to do something, learn something, with that perseverance needed, I do it.”

Apart from German I enjoy reading fiction novels, The Times of India (due to impeccable use of the English language), and travelling. At the college level and the school level extra curricular activities helped me develop my personality and I believe it is in process even today. I have also been the best monologue actor at the district level, where you deliver a skit in a monologue and portray more than one character simultaneously.

The decision to come to IGTC has been a crucial one. At the outset I was a bit worried as there were my brilliant counterparts and friends who came from diverse backgrounds with work experience. I had worked as an intern before, but, for a lesser duration and the “myth” that hovered around at the back of mind was that you really need to buckle up your shoes while doing an MBA if you have less work or no experience. But, after coming to IGTC I have realized, that work experience does matter but if you do not have it, you need not be scared because miracles happen and once you are firm you sail through it. IGTC has been a second page turner in my life because for a girl like me who prefers running away from Quants, came here and made it a point that she tries her best to overcome her fear, which I feel she would not have done otherwise. IGTC has helped me develop certain skills that teach me patience.

At IGTC I am performing the way I expected myself to, so I am satisfied. Of course there is scope for improvement and I would certainly want to keep my records consistent at IGTC. The most vital aspect at IGTC is the faculty. You wish to be like them and you get inspired instantly. That’s the positive aura I believe. Steinbach & Partner has played a key role in getting me into IGTC. That is my training company.

As I am in the process of learning I want to make sure that I grasp out the best during my training period with Steinbach & Partner, because I want to see the change that would come over in myself. A change that would matter, a change that would be worth it.

– Rucha S Khot

PGPBA IGTC 2013- 2015


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  1. yatin says:

    Rucha well done .


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