Life Through The Eyes Of A Traveler!

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What does travel mean to you? Is it a journey that you always look forward to after a hectic month of workload, is it a vacation that you yearn to have that is bound to come perhaps only once a year, is it a relaxing trip, a mind refresher, a hobby that you pursue, a dream to roam around at every possible destination, an inclination towards new cultures, or just packing your necessities and getting adrift from your comfort zone.

Travelers come from all walks of life, from bustling gray colored cities, sleepy beach towns, snow-covered metropolises, small villages nestled in between lush green mountains, from everywhere! Travelers are mesmerized by every culture. They act like sponges when they go to a new country they’ve never been to, they immerse themselves into every experience and cherish every moment that they live throughout the journey. Travel is not about visiting the places of historical interest or eating the local food, its about swimming inside that vast sea of newness and suprises that are going to come up your way in that journey. People travel not just to go, they travel to evolve. Embracing new experiences, endlessly changing horizons, and each brand new day as a way of living. Travelers live for airports, planes, buses, boats, trains, road trips. Finding clarity in the blur of the places zooming past as they look through the window. This is what I would say they call home,for a short span of time. Tough isn’t it? But necessary!

Travel is all about that willingness to explore , research and scrutinize every aspect of the region that you go. At times you may know where you are going, at times it may just be spontaneous. The need is not just to buy a ticket and pack your backpack. Although you can if really you want to, if everything inside of you is telling you to do so you should listen. But trust me when you choose to do it its like that moment when you choose to strip away years of unnecessary baggage, you’ll find freedom. Nobody is telling you to take the risk and leap, nor is the condition so that if you fail to take the risk things will be peachy and perfect. It’s never like that.What’s most important that you should allow yourself to be free. You should allow yourself to stand on the fringes of life, and dive into its alluring ambiguity. Even if it means facing your fears. Even if it means making sacrifices. Even if it means letting go of things you’ve held onto for so long. Even if it means having to let go of people you love. Even if it all terrifies you. Open yourself up to the world. Embrace all of its worth. Let its teachings seep into all that you are.

Our journey is our truth. It’s the truth that illuminates us, as we continue on where we thrive and wander, on the road we call our home.The underlying truth is, life will always be a journey, a road trip, or a different kind of a holiday each day. You need to welcome each day, dream, believe and hope. Be flexible to face that truth and zoom ahead!!

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