My First Article In Intelligent Pune – a weekly (2011)..

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Recently at a village named Sutarwadi near Pashan, vermi-compost plants were set up to help the farmers realize the value of waste management and how these farmers would use these management techniques to earn their living. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Nilesh Nikam, a renowned politician who distributed the fertilizers and also widened the farmers’ knowledge by giving them some tips. Also present at the occasion was Mrs. Rohini Chitale,  head of the ward of Sutarwadi, Pashan.
On being asked as to why such initiatives were being taken during the Ganpati festival Mr.Nilesh Nikam answered “Ganpati is the festival of hope for many farmers as the harvest period starts after the rainy season. By teaching vermi-composting and waste management techniques not only to the farmers but also their children, we want to secure the future by instilling traditional values of conservation at an early stage of development, so that the future generations are secure.
Mr. Nilesh Nikam has himself contributed a sum of 10 lakh rupees in the Municipal budget for the purpose of waste management and its segregation . He also mentioned that around 300 tonnes of vermi-compost plants are being looked after by the Municipality and another 1000 tonnes are under processing.
He firmly believes, “Segregation of waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable is very necessary and important for the environment as a lot of matter can be saved and recycled, so that there is no land pollution.” The Municipality has also requested the Cooperative Housing Societies to segregate waste so that the work of the Municipality becomes hassle free. Mr.Nilesh Nikam appeals to them to cooperate. Dry waste should be handed over to the rag pickers by which they can sell the garbage  to be recycled and earn their daily bread.
After all the future of Pune lies in waste management, because today Pune is generating almost 10 times more waste as compared to the last 10 years. The Municipality plans to see Pune on the highest position with respect to waste management and segregation. They are positive that Pune will stand out as an example to other cities in India as improvement and development related to environment are taking place at a fast pace.
Waste management is important but at the same time care should be taken that much of the waste is not generated. ”Prevention is better than cure.” Paper and plastic can be saved and recycled on a very large scale at the same time. For example, with the development of technology and internet, clerical work can be done using computers instead of wasting paper. Such small steps will surely help to generate less waste.



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