The Youngsters Choice..Coffee Popularity At Its Best..(an Article written in 2011)

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The Youngsters Choice……Coffee Popularity At Its Best….

We usually tend to think of Barista and Cafe Coffee Day, the renowned names in coffee business, when we talk or think about coffee joints. But truly pointing out, it’s not affordable for the pocket of the youngsters everyday due to the specified amount of pocket money we get.
Pune has been emerging with many affordable coffee joints, which can prove economical for the youngsters pocket. The most famous in the city being ”Durga”. Durga has an exquisite variety for coffee connoisseurs. Situated in the posh locality of Kothrud, it boasts of an excellent blend and taste for its cold coffee [ the most beloved ]. Although other flavours are available, the most sort after are the chocolate coffee and the cold coffee. The outlets are also located on Tilak Road, Satara Road, Mayur Colony and one outlet near P.Jog High School.
It is mainly seen crowded with youngsters, because it is not heavy on the pocket and the coffee is mind blowing.
A regular customer Yatin Lumpatki says ”I come to Durga, to hang out with friends when I am bored and want to enjoy. The coffee really refreshes my mind.” The next joint which can also be called as an epicenter for sophisticated coffee lovers is ‘Aromas’. The coffee aroma tantalizes the taste buds of the youngsters. One is sure to have a spectacular experience at ”Aromas”. At present  Aromas has outlets on F.C. Road, Boat Club Road and Koregaon Park. Aromas is famous for its cosy ambience. One always feels comfortable while drinking coffee out here. The speciality here is ”Mocha”, a type of coffee. The prices range from Rs. 40 and above depending on the flavour and the coffee you choose.
A weekly customer at ”Aromas” Kasturi Prabhune points out, ” Aromas is a wonderful place to spend time with friends after college is over. The coffee here is truly aromatic.” As coffee is being talked about how can we forget the special ”fresh coffee” at Vaishali. It is the favourite coffee of many Puneites. The creamy touch which the coffee has is delicious. Students from Fergusson and Ranade rush to Vaishali for that refreshing coffee between breaks to gear up themselves again for work.
As a place of hang out, I would also like to mention about ”Cad-B” outlets in Pune. Though coffee is not served  at Cad-B, the special milk and chocolate drinks which are offered here are no where less than coffee. Cad-B and Cad-M are chocolate and milk drinks, where Cadbury chocolate is blended and sprinkled on the drinks. A person’s mouth begins to water, the moment the aroma of chocolates comes out from the kitchen. Prices range from Rs.25 to RS.40, depending on the quantity you take. The branches are located on Tilak Road, Satara Road, Kothrud and Wanowrie.
Other coffee joints in Pune include ‘Mochas’ and ‘Kahwa’, but these joints also offer ‘hookahs’, thus making the atmosphere and the ambience in the joint stylish. When the only aim of the youngsters is to spend time with each other, relax for a couple of minutes and at the same time also have an exuberant drink then these coffee joints are the perfect place to be. The prices here are slightly higher than those of the other coffee joints as facilities and services are offered at its best and the punctuality of the serving time is also maintained.
A regular customer in ‘Mochas’ Raghav Deshmukh adds on ”Being a science student, I really find less time to stay in touch with friends, though SMS and Facebook help us to stay connected , meeting somewhere and having fun is different. Mochas is the right place for me, as I can take a break from the daily routine and also have scintillating coffee.”
Thus, coffee seems to be one of the coolest drinks in town today, with so many varieties and added flavours coming up…..Puneites are sure to demand more!
Last but not the least, be careful friends! Having coffee and chocolate more than the limit, can also prove to be harmful. Especially for girls as having ”excess” coffee can bring down haemoglobin levels. Everything has a limitation, so not to worry!!
– Rucha S Khot

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