Each of one us has gone through the feeling of affection, crush and loving one person in our lives intensely as you would have never felt for anybody else. That one human being becomes the centre of attraction for you, where you eat, sleep and dream the same person over and over again but yet you’re insatiable. The attention you need and the thoughts about that loved one cannot stop pouring in. It is totally a mesmerizing experience altogether! There will be friends who will not agree to the above mentioned statements as they feel that it is a waste of time because something productive is not generated and they call this phase of life the purple or the pink phase, where all seems so beautiful and once you enter the grey phase actual hard-work and commitment would start.

True, that some relationships today turn out to be that way, but it is very essential to undergo that stage of cuteness and bright feelings because that teaches you to be strong and helps in taking mature, robust decisions. One person matters and strings will be attached to the core personality forever, but moving on isn’t only the solution. There are so many couples today who thrive and cherish their memories through platonic love today. There have been cases where two buds have loved each other truly, madly and deeply but were not able to materialize their commitment plans due to career obligations, compatibility issues, family pressures, the choice of a different partner due to age differences or simply because fate and destiny had made their own plans for both of them.

The happiness lies in accepting these differences or sudden decisions made and then still being mature and caring for that individual in all the way you can. After all love isn’t all about just being with that person but wishing the best in life for your loved one. Lucid yet paradoxical decisions made at this stage helps a person immensely in the long run and develops an innate ability to empathize with colleagues and comrades around you.

One of my friends in Mumbai shared a wonderful piece of anecdote with me on the way this positive moving-on helped him. We would call the protagonist of our story Vivien (a neutral name and for identity reasons).

Vivien is an avid photographer who loves to click nature and capture candid expressions of people around him, which makes him one of the most spontaneous photographers I have ever known. Also, a photographer who sings well and captures your mind with his marquee voice. A very rare combination indeed! Vivien loved Inahra from the bottom of his heart and gave her the best she could imagine and wish for. They both were seen as the tinsel town couple which rarely took place in real life. It was a boon for Inahra to find Vivien.

But good times were not long to last, sadness started setting in and bad news poured in. Inahra was detected with breast cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. The best part was that Vivien stayed by her side; he made her feel complete and kept the aura of positivity at its full bloom around her. She might have been the happiest during those days. I literally got goose bumps as Vivien went on describing his romantic date with his girl. Scintillating moments were about to be narrated. I paid attention in full awe.

He described those cool breezes in the mountains of Mahabaleshwar as he caught her hand and walked by, the soft and gentle touch that he had as they strolled along, and those cheeks turning pink with blush with only the streetlight and the moon to sink in that moment of watching your beloved one in such candid expressions. Love was in its full bloom on that date, two buds coming to life and raw feelings turning mature, the kiss they had was fiery and passionate, it was the dawn of love and sporadic relations turning into gratitude for each other.

The Love Sugar Dough pastry was Inahra’s favorite. Vivien always cheered her up with the rainbow pastry from LSD. Girly stuff indeed, but enough to make Inahra smile again. There were times when 15 times in a month were spent only in Lonavla because the days at work were so hectic that the couple preferred spending most of the time they had out of the hustle – bustle of the city and only in the company of each other. When mechanical glitches took place at Lonavla, Vivien would jump at the opportunity to surprise Inahra and give her little suprises.

One such surprise occurred to them in the Malshej Ghat near Mumbai when they had gone for one of their outings. There was an unexplainable fog and Vivien had to wait for the nature’s call. It was one atmosphere any couple would have longed for, drizzles turning to heavy rains with thunder and lightning, a car standing in the middle of a shitty grave with a dangerous fog and two couples near the car not knowing what to do. Well Vivien says it was the most “adventurous romance” he ever had in his life in the middle of Malshej Ghat which was dangerous yet passionate.

This date he stressed was a dangerous one not only because of the fog, but also the lorry drivers who were drinking and driving in the middle of the road, a grave by the side and in that fog where everyone’s life was at stake. For that matter of fact, even the couples’ life was at stake as the car had mechanical glitches and there was no other option left than to wait for the morning for some person to come and pick up the car. I believe the nature’s call was just a reason to wait and make time for Inahra! The real mechanical glitch took place much later after the car stopped. As dawn cracked, both of them felt the need to really get out of that place, they had to give bribes and pay money to lorry drivers around them at the same time convincing them to drop Vivien and Inahra to a safe destination. With God’s grace they found refuge.

The next big thing that brought them closer happened at a resort. This time like a shy and timid girl Inahra showed her denial to make love but as the night progressed and the couple got engrossed, this one turned out to be the best of all, with Jacuzzi and drenched romance. This one was a turning point in Vivien’s life; soon after they both parted ways due to Inahra’s problems. Vivien was emotionally hurt, he even quit his job. Inahra came from a Jain family which made matrimonial decisions in a very different way. Vivien stayed by Inahra’s side during her cancer days when she really needed him, as she slowly moved towards recovery, she started getting selfish and the selfless love disappeared.

Inahra wanted to see her “dream 7 countries” and she started looking for a man who could fulfill all these dreams. She wanted someone who was financially stable and sound. Selfish interests yet practical to life. Who does not want to be happy after all, but yes, not at the stake of others. This sorrow made life complicated for Vivien but any way he got to know soon that he was ditched and had to move on. Inahra on the other hand found her guy who fitted into the category of fulfilling her dreams. Vivien was in touch like a true friend, as he came to know about it as well as citing his care and affection for Inahra, he just wanted to be sure that Inahra was safe. This compelled him to make a plan to check out if Inahra was with the right guy, very foolish indeed but when we stand in Vivien’s shoes anybody will realize how worried he must have been. The guy’s loyalty was checked by a false chat through BBM and as Vivien would have feared he turned out to be a jerk. He informed Inahra of the same and left the decision to her as to what she had to do.

The underlying thing in the story is that Vivien was still worried even though he left Inahra because he was not one of those who left without a reason.Inahra’s happiness and safety mattered manifold. He did his duty of keeping Inahra safe all through, even after they parted ways he informed her of the danger that lay ahead. Times have absolutely changed, Vivien got a better paying job and a lucrative career lay ahead of him. Presently he is working with one of the most enviable employers in the country, spreading charm with his candid photography and enthralling his friends by his marquee voice.

Signing off for now!

Rucha Khot







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