The Ecstasy Of Flying……

It is a distant dream for many in today’s world to be able to fly big. By flying I mean literally flying when you have the reigns of control of an aircraft in your hands and your happiness knows no bounds, it’s simply that passion, the drive and the serenity of the action itself that you forget the world around you, and all you want to do is flying!

There is a famous book “Jonathon Livingston Seagull” which beautifully narrates the thrill and the tenacity behind flying. For pilots around the world that flight they take each time is one of the most exciting moments in life, which they yearn that it comes each time to them. Flying for them is an art, an action of respect that they cherish each and every single bit of it. The magnificence and the opulence of the aircraft does not matter much to these professionals, it is the simple enthusiasm like a child to fly that aircraft that fills their heart with joy.

Recently I befriended a pilot, a good person I must say and honest too, who told me about his love for flying and how he felt when he flew. Let’s call my friend Ashton (name changed for privacy) so that it is easier to relate. Ashton was born and brought up in an air force environment which justifies his love for airplanes. He trained rigorously to become a pilot because he knew he wanted that “Thing “in life. This person won’t hear a word against the aircraft he flies and is explicitly proud of the fact that he is a pilot. I asked him one simple question that what makes him fly and the gentleman answers in a very subtle way. Ashton feels that his flying experience has been quite awesome so far, and seriously touchwood, he deliberately mentions how he feels in the cockpit, like more of a meditation and less of a job. It is just you and your baby (the aircraft) and most of the times a marvelous commander to your left.

To add on Ashton narrates that in the sky everything up there takes a backseat and you feel lucky once again, always being hungry for more such flights. This example of passion, grit and determination for one’s profession truly calls for respect. As the title goes it is the ecstasy and exhilaration which drives a person in any profession. So make time and achieve it, to me this piece of narration was one example of a person who did what he wanted and loved in life. He followed his heart. Undoubtedly, the ecstasy of flying and spreading your wings to reach our destination is what each one of us wants.

A short one this time but motivating.

Signing off.

Rucha Khot

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