When You Feel Beautiful From Within

Over the course of my life,  I have had experiences which have taught me that happiness is all about appreciating and being grateful for whatever you have and possess. With depression on the rise in the world, being simplistic and having a very innocent mindset can sometimes work in your favour to give you mental peace. Not feeling bothered about the too many things not happening in your life can prevent you from over thinking.Being mindful and having a constant awareness of gratitude and appreciation will automatically work as an antidote to depression, sadness and over thinking.

As we enter the new year 2015, many of us will ponder over the mistakes we might have committed in 2014, what things could have been avoided and made better, what aspirations were left undiscovered, what stopped you from discovering the true self within you, anything that made you hold back due to restrictions, some chapter that you wished to complete in a flawless way but destiny may not have supported you or the times were not right etc. So many moments to wonder and ponder! Nonetheless think about the happy memories and make way for 2015 to complete your unfulfilled desires. When the time is right and the attitude is sparkling within you, hardly can a thing you want to achieve or want in your life escape from you.

The last one year has definitely taught me one thing, the law of attraction works in your favour when you wish for it. I know it is easy to say then to practice, but sometimes being only optimistic drives you to achieve and attract certain things towards you, automatically you start inventing new ways to come closer to it and discovering fresher avenues to reach your destination. This journey cannot be completed alone. In my life too they were some angels, some well wishers , some friends who wanted to help, some acquaintances who came forward to guide me and some mentors who genuinely wished to make a difference in other’s lives. When you meet and connect with the right people in life, no effort is needed to stay happy. The aura of happiness automatically starts building around you. Many people call this as faith, which one needs to keep themselves motivated. Everyone has their own viewpoints. Faith can be fatal as well as a driver for growth, it is the outlook that changes the faith to reality that you wish to see.

Some of the talk above may sound like a piece of motivation to people who are to the core practical oriented, but there can be a group which can be a mixture of both being belief oriented and practical oriented. One of my professors, once told me Believe! and be Confident! and that will suffice with a blend of hardwork and a sprinke of smart work in the whole process. Finally I started believing in one thing, the things that others do today will get them what I do not have today therefore the things that I do today will get me what others won’t have tomorrow. Pretty simple isn’t it? Every person has a unique flaw hidden inside them, which they need to discover and use it as their key to discover happiness. For some it is money, for some it is a simple smile, for some it is a give and take, seeing your loved ones doing well to the extent that some have also defined success, achievement and status as happiness.

The acceptance of tolerance, acceptance of yourself as you are is when no effort is needed to feel beautiful about yourself. Others will have opinions about you, they will have complains about you, they will have grudges against you. If people are jealous take it positively, they envy you for something you are damn good at, be a rebel with a cause is what I recently read.Therefore if people take it against you, because you are different, be proud of it. Yes, if it is causing trouble, change it , if it is irritating, alter your behaviour, if it is unethical, abolish it from your lives, BUT, if it is just not according to what is the norm of behaviour or what is not an ” accepted mode of behaving”, there is no reason why you should change it. Respect comes to those, who carry their respect with them. Enjoying life your way does not mean it is the wrong way, it is just the different way.

Also when you start feeling beautiful about yourself, you will automatically start challenging your own self as the competitor, to better each day, to give back and spread happiness to each individual you meet. All these strings weave out a beautiful combination of success, satisfaction and happiness and at the same time the hunger to keep bettering yourself to be a better human each day!

This year I have learnt that the law of attraction or magnetism works in every way in this world. So keep dreaming and make them true. Mine did 😀

Have a beautiful and a rocking 2015!!

Rucha Khot


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