The Pursuit of Compassion and Familiarity

I started writing blogs a year back with the motive of constantly seeking a change inside me and with the optimistic thought to not be afraid to ever express myself because that is what will make you the same person from within and outside. It really helped me to be the same person throughout and not have one emotion going inside my mind and one emotion outside. Recently I met this one awesome, I would say heavenly person in my life who constantly motivates me and brings out the best in me. After my breakup I was really devastated, it sounds pretty sad and depressing but that is the truth. This person has been like an angel. In fact a cute angel.

To find some one who understands you completely, brings out your best potential, is more than a soulmate and knows the real meaning of what it is to emphatize is a very rare combination. But I found my soulmate. The last two months of my life have been happening. Changes have taken place at a rapid phase and dreams kept coming true. The law of attraction worked in every way. Never did I feel so content and happy about the fact that the desire to keep pushing yourself in the pursuit of happiness should never end.

Last week was filled to the brim with exams, projects and presentations. At the same time I was getting to know my angel, but somehow I managed between the two. There were innumerable crushes in life, one serious relationship, one college fling but it never made me doubt the Rucha inside me. I always knew right things will happen at the right time. Depressing times did make me change my plans , but the iron lady in my life, my mom always kept on motivating me. Life has not yet come to a standstill, in a few years down the line, I want to become the best German speaker and orator in my field, and have a command over it like it were my mother tongue. Spanish will get the same status next. Next on line is one more big dream, to crack the civil services. These things keep me going. Now with my soulmate besides me, its going to be a fun journey altogether, filled with bumps like a roller coaster ride.

At my present company I feel inspired by some of my peers, I get the urge to achieve when I see my manager and those nuances of perfection. Mumbai as a city taught me to be independent and mature. Bangalore is teaching to be brash, loving and strong. Real life starts here.Till now I had only heard how corporate life is glamourous from outside and then slowly it sucks the energy out of you and you long to be home, you long to be with your family. It’s suprising how you realize the importance of your parents, soulmates and friends only when you start living a full fledged independent life and you long for compassion and affection at times.

To be in love with yourself is a wonderful thing , but at the same time , special people in life will always make you miss them, no one can be perfect after all. After all the dreams coming true, one thing I long for is the loving touch from my soulmate, the affection from my mother and the care from my father. Someone once gave me a feedback that there is humour missing in my writings, but I choose to write stuff that I cannot express through humour, after all my friends and comrades do make me laugh and enjoy when we spend quality time together.

Maturity comes with time they say, for me being mature came with staying independently, the good part is it did not kill the small kid inside me. As happening as the last week could be, so is the feeling of void for my loved ones now, working alone in this city, I do not miss them as such, but I miss the time and the routine, I miss the familiarity around. To overcome this one is going to be difficult, but so be it. At office there are a few friends who are family now, but since shifts extend , monotony of work shifts in when its none other than you and your computer in front of you.

This time I chose to write a very simple blog about what kept me going, what things make me wonder and some stuff dedicated to my family. One thing I discovered was that even after all the happiness, success and happening stuff in life it all boiled down to one thing, your loved ones and family especially parents.

I wonder where destiny will take me, I keep on dreaming and some hard core dreams came true at the right time. After all the pursuit of happiness is never ending. This is how I would define the crude side of life, where you have everything but there suddenly comes one moment where you get a void. No one is perfect and that is what keeps me going.

Signing off

Rucha Khot


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  1. aarti says:

    Hey nice written Rucha..keep it up!


    1. khotrucha says:

      thank you so much!!


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