Maya – The Mysterious Girl Who Shook Me

Maya, Mystery , revolves around that inner self which very few of us tend to reveal. Life has changed a lot after 2015 begun on a very positive note. Meeting new people helped change perspectives and views about some strong ideologies that I have never had the courage to bring out in open because I did not know what many people thought about it. A recent discussion about the history and life of a girl made me pen down my thoughts. Let me explain through this wonderful sketch that my dear friend Krisengel Navneet has created. Truly,a masterpiece and the one which provoked this article.

This sketch will seem erotic to many. Some people may not even try to think under what circumstances this sketch was made or the person who created it might have been under some thought process and would have just wanted to express the emotion on paper. Every person on this planet has a certain Maya, or mystery revolving around him or her. Especially girls will be able to relate closely with Maya, as she resides within each one of us. There are single minute moments in our life that leave an everlasting impact. Not one but many are bound to experience the same, and those are the lessons of life that teach you how harsh life becomes, how some moments carve your paths, how wounds are not washed off, how obnoxious events lead to blunders , how you become heartless and at times how circumstances force you to become the person in life you would have never want to become.

This story is about MAYA, the girl who had big dreams, the girl who aspired, the girl who let the open breeze touch her and the girl who was optimistic. But, cruel events turned her life upside down. She felt trapped, she became imprisoned in the vicious circle called life, she forgot her dreams and she could not live for anybody, she could not trust a single soul, not even herself. She hid herself in the sands of time and had no courage or motivation to come out.

From the sun that showed her hope, she walked herself into the depths of darkness from where there was no return. It was not out of purpose. NEVER ! She never wanted that , but she became a puppet, the comrades and the loved ones she trusted the most did not support her. Not all of us go through this kind of harshness because some of us show the spirit and guts to fight, but in those areas where hope fails to reach like red lights of any city or even BPL families MAYA has to suffer, she has to forget that she can dream.

With this I pledge to change the life of any girl I can, who aspires, who dares to dream. MAYA should be a sweet mystery to crack, she should be the symbol of eternal magic and not dark secrets that people would fear to uncover.

Thank you Krisengel Navneet for expressing this serious issue through your art and giving me the inspiration to write.830325_10151275240970913_1431366920_o


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