Nandi Hills – where the rays illuminate

Nandi, meaning bull.An ardent devotee, a pious follower, a courageous soldier and a dedicated disciple of the strongest God in Hindu mythology Lord Shiva. Nandi Hills named after Lord Shiva’s vehicle and follower is a pristine hill covered  in the southern ranges. About 60 km from the city of Bangalore, it is a perfect getaway for the weekends. Nandi hills is famous for beautiful sunsets and serene sunrises where people flock in from every corner of Bangalore to experience the serenity and relax on the hills. It is an abode for the monkeys too. Be sure , that your food will never remain with you once you reach the hills as the monkeys are not in a mood to treat you like their guests at all. They are all over and are waiting for the opportunity when any new customer comes out from the shops with crunchy chips , biscuits and soft bananas to treat them.

Photography enthusiasts can have a wonderful early morning strolls down the roads on the hills and shoot the entire mountain range with ease, due to the ever present rays of the sun making the hills illuminate during dawn and dusk. Nandi Hills was also known to be Tipu Sultan’s summer abode, where the ruins of the fort still exist. To get way from the scorching heat of Bangalore even the kings found solace at Nandi Hills just as we do. The Commissioner of Police and the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Nehru himself had private bungalows. The panoramic views that you can watch from every nook and  corner of the hills are breath taking.

Nandi Hills can be defined as an ideal trekking destination, a perfect photography abode, a heaven for relaxation seekers and at the same time a budget holiday destination, nearby from the bustling city of Bangalore. In the clouds is what you are, when the highest point of Nandi Hills is reached. You can enjoy  yourself at the tree houses and treat yourself to a heart warming breakfast with a splendid view. Not to forget, the temple in the midst of the hills still has its ancient roots and traditions maintained. Clean, serene and pious is what I define the premises of the temple to be. The small pond inside the temple has not a dearth of commercial activity around it, it has clean drinking water that I found after ages inside a pond. Monkeys will flock in even at the gates of the temple and inside to snatch away your prasadams and coconut offerings to God.

Your drive to Nandi hills is complete with music, crazy friends, banter of laughter and the memories that you create along the way. The highlight is of course the sun rise, but even when you feel like going away from the crowd and finding yourself or discovering the real you, this destination is the perfect place to be. Fogs are a reality here and being in the clouds is like experiencing the sky next to you while you are lost in the ecstasy of the hills.

Be sure to visit this place, the next time you are in Bangalore or are already in Bangalore, but yet to visit this place.

This trip wouldn’t have been the fun it was , without Neha, the bubbly damsel, Manali, the quiet damsel ,Siddharth , the car enthusiast, who drove us around and Shwetan, the photographer we adore. One more destination that made me wonder in awe at the beauty of nature.

Rucha Khot


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