GoKarna Getaway

Gokarna is among Karnataka’s and Goa’s best kept coastal areas, unperturbed and uncomplicated. Only the waves and the sands to accompany you. Karnataka is widely known for its beautiful natural landscapes and Goa for its infinite and pristine beaches. A serene and romantic getaway for many travelers, both the states have always received the tourist attraction in the country. Bangalore demands all the attention in Karnataka for the metropolis and the job opportunities it offers and Goa is the getaway after people settle down in Bangalore. However there is GOKARNA that lays silently at the border without asking for much attention. Gokarna meaning cow’s ear also has a historical story attached to it. Lord Shiva’s authentic “Shivalinga” can be found in Gokarna which Ravana carried back on his way from the Himalayas in the hope of building a powerful empire and was stopped by our very own Ganpati Bappa.Gokarna is one of the important pilgrimage centers for the Hindus and at the same time a treat for the Western tourists coming from Italy, Australia, France, Germany and Spain. Its unperturbed beaches provide the perfect atmosphere for refreshment and relaxation. It is totally unspoiled and clean. Sunbathing is a common activity here.

The Kudle beach, Om beach, Nirvana beach are the most sought after. Be sure to go scuba diving if you are to the core the adventurous soul that just wants to experience thrill at every place you go. Gokarna according to me is quite unexplored, also because it attracts less throng of people as compared to Goa. The virgin beaches are dangerous at times since the whirlpools may soak you in but the landscape is commercialized only by the wonderful shacks along the coast where you can enjoy the best non vegetarian and sea food delicacies. Also soaking and bathing in the sun is one of the most enjoyed activities in Gokarna. In Gokarna tourists rent places for two months, three months or longer and have the best travel experiences. A splendid sunset can be enjoyed on the white sandy Kudle beach.

Gokarna is truly panoramic. You do not find many fishermen along the beaches but the latter part of the beaches has lots of fishing activity. On a full moon night this beach will turn into a maiden beauty. Words are less to describe the unspoiled light that falls on the waves and the sands. Silence spreads its charm on the beaches with only the sound of the waves and the soft breeze to greet you. A romantic night on the beach with your love or even alone is not less than sitting in a meditation hall and breathing in freshness all the time.

You will be greeted by policemen all the time who may turn out to be a nuisance as you cannot let the “Pocahontas” within you come alive. Swimming in the sea is restricted due to whirlpools but when the waves are not fierce, you will love diving within the waves. I enjoyed it to the core. One of my first experiences swimming in the sea. The seals and the reefs along the shore are a home to many species, especially little crabs which are generally cute. Gokarna is truly a gem even for a long holiday as the town is quite well developed. It is a place where you just sit back, relax and let nature work its magic. When it comes to sightseeing this place has lot of temples to view.

Do visit Gokarna, when you want a beach view away from the crowd.

Again my bubbly damsel Neha, a surprise package Trupti, Pune lass Neha Dalal, Gautam our man to the rescue and the lady with style Tanmayi made this trip a memorable one.

Rucha Khot


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