A Bowlful of Nostalgia – Maggi Love

Health concerns! Agreed…. Lots and lots of Maida!…Agreed…. But, Maggi has been the staple food for many youngsters in India for more than 30 years, personally for me around 20 years. I started eating Maggi at a very young age and is the government hearing, I am alive and healthy!  Maggi if eaten in the right quantity is not harmful to the body at all. So a sincere request to all the Maggi haters out there, this ban will surely take away the business, but it will leave a big, big dent in the hearts of many Maggi fans who have survived their exams because of Maggi, Maggi has helped us to vanish our hunger within minutes, it is the perfect companion when Mumma was not there and you had to cook something, it is the first damn thing I learnt to cook in my life and the best indeed.Maggi ban will make me cry, I know friends who are filling their homes with stocks in case the ban lasts longer. Not denying the fact that some amount of harmful preservatives and materials are used in the instant noodles, but you cannot deny the fact that when more than half of the nation eats the food and are quite, I would say very happy with it. This is the first thing I cooked on my date for my boyfriend, this is the thing that unites me with my sister when we share a bowl of Maggi and one thing which vanishes my hunger anytime of the day.

Maggi has been my sole partner for thousands of occasions. Maggi is very convenient and easily available. Not only for youngsters, but also for many working mothers it is a perfect solution in case of emergencies and my Mom is one of them. She does not have all the time in the world everyday to cook for her kids simply because she is working and at that time Maggi comes to the rescue. In the hills of Kashmir and Himalayas there are special Maggi stalls serving noodles to the tourists at minimal price. When it rains, apart from the Pakoras that we relish Maggi is the instant thing that comes to our minds. The inevitable love for these noodles can never be replaced by anything. It is not the market leader just like that. To come with an idea to save time and help people eat better, Nestle has been the milestone. Maggi ban has disheartened me to the core. A bowl or a plate of piping hot Maggi noodles meant we are delving deep into the tasty , yet simple form of satisfying our hunger. Be it a night out with your pals or a match that you want to watch together , Maggi is the solution. A perfect midnight snack, a hunger solution in need and the best of all , it solved the problems of many vegetarians when they located within India. In case a vegetarian solution was not available Maggi came to the rescue. Bachelors will regret if this ban continues.

More than the emotional value attached it is like a family member, which you get along with your grocery atleast in some amounts. A new word has been coined Maggiholic and I am proud to be one, because I eat Maggi in limits and it has never affected me at all. I remember at school in the hostel, we got a punishment once, to eat Maggi for three days continuously because we cooked Maggi secretly in the hostel premises ( We were that crazy about Maggi!!), and nothing happened to me that time as well.Not one stomach upset.

Anything if eaten within stipulated limits is not harmful and the same goes for Maggi.

The views in this blog are personal and are not meant to hurt anyone, everyone has opinions and I am expressing mine.

Rucha Khot



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