Star Studded Feelings at Kolar

It is a myth that wee hours of night along the highways can be dangerous because of the rising number of accidents on the roads caused due to big lorries and trucks which commute mainly during the night. Like many other sudden trips, a bunch of like minded friends decided to go to Kolar, a district situated around 50 km from Bangalore. More than the district tour I was more interested in the highway trail and the Cafe Coffee Day that is situated along the highway which creates a perfect ambience for you in the night to celebrate special occasions or just relax under the star studded sky with the sound of little crickets for your company.

As we set off from Bangalore, romantic songs gave us the soothing feel to enjoy the drive. We took around one hour to reach the Cafe Coffee Day at Kolar. The night was calm and divine. There was not a single soul to be seen in and around the cafe except some couples having a sweet time together and some bunch of friends enjoying their midnight snacks. Movies were playing in the cafe on HBO and Star Movies and a group of youngsters were dozing off as they watched the movie.

The night was cold, yet charming. Moonlight was in its full glory. I would like to describe it as the crescendo of maiden beauty, in its yellowish colour and huge shape the half moon night spell its magic over me. Not a dearth of boredom could be experienced at any time. As the night progressed, we enjoyed our cappuccinos and sandwiches as we chatted away about the old times and some College masti. We were celebrating the birthday of a very special friend. And I am quite sure she will never forget that night, since we got to see such beautiful sceneries in the calm of the night.

After a while we ran along the side pathways of the highway, imagine racing with your friends on an unknown path at 3.00 am in the night. Panting we came off, but trust me the adrenaline rush was unbeatable. That is the moment when I realised that stamina is important in life. Your youth is the best time of your whole life. You get to know bloody every damn thing,from lows to highs, from failures to successes, from break ups to love charms, this is where you learn flexibility, as we pondered about our futures, twilight approached us and we decided to leave back for home.

In the dim light of the dawn we got a more illuminated feel of Bangalore and its outskirts. Peaceful is one word that defines the whole path. Fresh morning breeze and the cleanest oxygen that I could ever find in this city came to light on this day.

Indeed the lesser known places in and around Bangalore are a Pandora’s  box.

Rucha Khot


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