What You Mean To Me

Since life has been kind for many a time,

You were an integral part with your personality divine,

Like a whiff in the air, you came and surprised me,

With your Love and Affection as vast as the sea,

Innumerable times the love went unnoticed,

Translucent at times but leaving a deep sensation behind,

Like little kids from the courtyard, we caressed ourselves,

To discover the innocence that lay unperturbed,

My Mind knows me not like you understand it,

Because you revived the weaknesses that lay within,

Taught me to Live for a cause like YOU,

With those weaknesses made me feel like a princess with a bow,

Dreams do come true is what I always believed,

You set an example like the biggest wonder I did,

Survival is hard they say with a whine,

With a comrade like you it turned to life,

Hoping your presence is omniscient all over me,

Not used to the emptiness that would come unreleased,

Because your soul and your presence makes me breath the fresh air,

As the love that you gave, gives me a fragrance so rare,

And makes me feel that life will lead me to nowhere,

But to a path that comes straight to your den.

Rucha Khot.


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