Yearning to Fly and Explore!

Sitting by the closed doors within a huge chunk of voices,

Dreams to fly to a distant land encircle my mind , which then rejoices,

Sad is that part where you cannot relieve your most happiest part,

But happy are those moments in the midst of nowhere, that make a place in our memory cart,

You want to do many things at a time,

Alas!..only if all what you wanted happened the way you wanted like all the words in a poem rhyme,

Travel makes you restless of all the souls that surround you,

But those rare challenges of travel make you a person like those first drops of the dew,

The soul yearns and yearns to spread wings and a smell a new land,

But to earn that privilege comes  not so easily like the clap of your hands,

You take the leap at the perfect moment,

Not only dreaming but coming alive with that wildest amusement.

– Rucha Khot


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