The Unknown Reason to Kill

Numbness of every kind surrounds the air,

Shock and grief that encompassed the world but the governments did not seem to care,

Enforced silences on the lips of every innocent soul,

No one knew why it happened,

No one said why it took a toll,

Beirut, Baghdad or Paris the place did not matter at all,

What mattered was the unspoken thoughts and the play of death that wreaked havoc all along,

Shame, Disgrace, Sympathy and Enmity all were silent like logs of wood that would not move,

No reason for a massacre, no reason for a blunder,

Everything in this beautiful world that God made seems to be falling apart,

My only cry, Oh I hope you hear Almighty God,

Terror and Massacre we all disdain,

Peace, Love and Humanity on the globe is what we wish for till our hearts beat without any pain.

Hope this message reaches the ones, it is supposed to reach and we have a peaceful world with no bombings and massacres.

Rucha Khot.


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