The Timid Fella

A poem I wrote for one of my close comrade at work.


For the sake of partying he would give it a shot,

Harmless is the little soul who would just admire every chick so hot,

Like a child he would jump when he got a kick from any booze,

Admired the little things around but hates the sound of a snooze,

The one who hates to be woken up with the tring of a doorbell,

You dare not irritate him more any play he watches of Chris Gayle,

Gets tickled to the core from head to toe,

Will wriggle like a worm when your fingers would touch him from any row,

A heart of a kind soul he does possess,

Is a balanced diet of a person anybody would fail to suppress,

Ignorant about petty jokes and comments around him,

And that’s what makes Sid a timid fella whom I will always like to the brim.

-Rucha Khot



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