The Moment of Truth – Family

From an open window of hope

I see a light that twinkles throughout the vision within my scope

It goes back to the land from where I travelled

To the home of sweetness where I was once cradled

An aroma of familiarity it brings back to the soul

From the family of togetherness where I ever played an important role?

A daddy who made living a worry free affair

And a mom who is the epitome of affection and care

A naughty little sister who provided non stop entertainment

And a granny who fed us till our stomachs were filled with bewilderment

A little further stretched the land of foodies

Where a tiny little angel craved for every little moment with me

Love of an unselfish soul I get in this land

Now the light travels furthermore to another abode of affection

Where a lady of words and grit makes her presence felt

She manages a whole world single handedly even against her foes

And lives for a reason so that her kids never have to raise a brow

A land of my loved ones I left behind and came

Does not hurt but makes a realization that family is a very important affair

Values and trust were put forth without doubt

Motivation offered at every single route

Growing out of a nutshell was evident and written

Destiny took decisions in a way that was harsh and perplexed

In the envelope of happiness it also put some struggle

So that the moment of truth remained a lesson and not any minor puzzle.

Rucha S Khot


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