When They Feel Their Veins Forever


Love! Pure and Virgin. Defined by many as the purest form of emotion existing on planet earth. Stronger than any wound. The best cure for any pain. The power that changes bad to good. The strength to overcome any difficulty. The motivation to fight all odds. The one that makes us forget everything and something done without any expectations. Sparsh and Flora were two buds existing in the same form. They lived for a reason. Each other. And that is all.

It was a small gathering of the college function of teenagers when Sparsh saw Flora for the first time, like any other boy, he kept on looking at the beauty and felt a wave of excitement run through him. It was pure form of ecstasy. Flora made him flutter silently. That was the moment to freeze. He found his dream girl. He kept on trying to make acquaintances with her. That day the thought of Flora could not leave his mind. Thoughts of Flora could not be surpassed by anyone. This is how he actually met her for the first time, single and one sided. He kept it to himself. The whole day and night passed in silence. Flora did not leave his mind for a single minute. She kept interrupting throughout the day. He got introduced to her when phone numbers were exchanged through a distant relative and his heart knew no bounds. They were friends, and then after some days Sparsh kept going to her college for any other activity that a boy would go and make himself busy, birdwatching. But Sparsh kept his calm. He finally proposed but Flora said she needed time to think. Indian society does not allow a girl to take decisions hastily and at her own will. She has to fight against all odds if she has to win her love or in some cases even fall in love. Flora was no exception to this rule, the fear of being judged and spoken about is very different.

Both of them took some time, about a year, but remained very good friends. They casually glanced and even met at the college premises, but for the whole time Sparsh´s feelings for her remain unchanged. It bloomed and took the shape of a rainbow. Sparsh was not the one to lose hope ever. He had the will and patience to get his girl. He stayed patient. They spoke and laughed, cried, had fun together, even went for movie dates occasionally, friends came and went by and one more year passed, their friendship blossomed evermore. Understanding each other seemed a better if not an easy process. The only charm that kept Sparsh going was her smile, and he never expected. Loving silently and without expectation brought out the best in him. Eventually he asked her again and Flora glanced at him, he understood she needed more time, and he never complained.

Though Sparsh was not a disciplinarian, when it came to loving Flora, he was one in all aspects. They both were totally opposite each other and that is what made it scintillating. Opposites attract! Sparsh was the mischievous guy in town, naughty yet practical, he was a nuisance with some locals for his uncanny activities and was not the favourite child either. A last bencher, but a sincere individual, he kept his word and was blunt to the core. Flora was a shy girl who took studies seriously. She was dedicated and sweet. Discipline meant a big deal to her, even till today. She was conventional in her thoughts yet modern in her approach towards society. She respected values and culture.

Well, graduation was about to get over and Sparsh was getting excited once again. Each year like a routine he had asked Flora for the answer to his long awaited proposal of dating him, and she had taken enough time to think. Sparsh at one point feared getting friend zoned, but he was hopeful. Hope they say is the first step to success. Flora made a denial once again, citing family reasons and for the first time Sparsh felt a jolt. Flora lost touch with him, Sparsh never figured out what happened during those few months. It was a very sudden decision and harsh too. Flora could have given him a chance. Every time Sparsh told her how strong his feelings were, she honestly told him, she needed time.

Sparsh never pressurized her, but he was always open about his attraction towards Flora. Sometimes Flora was scared. She might have not been comfortable seeing him in the romantic sense, in the fear that might have lost out on more deserving women.

Things finally came to head after a year. Flora and Sparsh reconnected, and at a movie which they saw together with friends, Sparsh expressed his wish to hold her hand and she obliged, after a while she rested her head on his shoulder and there it was the denial had turned into a positive reply. She tentatively admitted that she liked him and now had more trust in him. Relationships take time to build. One fine day Flora frantically called Sparsh, she was being pressurized to marry a person, not of her choice, and she immediately thought of Sparsh. Numbers were obtained from closed ones and in a few hours she asked Sparsh to take her away to a better day.

Sparsh was overwhelmed. He reached the epitome of happiness, because though late he was getting the love of his life forever. He booked tickets the very moment and made a courageous move to get his lady love. Sparsh got Flora with pomp and grandeur. She was not only the greatest reward but his whole life manifested in one single person. He put his arm around her once he got her, and every fibre in Flora´s body was buzzing with energy. They both could not wait any longer. She leaned in and they kissed. Something was jumping inside Sparsh, screaming “I feel it“. Their relationship might not have started like most do, also Sparsh was crazy to keep pursuing her when she showed zero interest in the relationship.

But he was adamant and dedicated towards his love. He saw directly into the true soul of his lady love, Flora and he loved her more each passing day. He was patient at a time when Flora needed it, and gave her a friendship to cherish. Sparsh loved Flora more than she could ever comprehend from the moment he ever saw her. Marrying Sparsh was the best decision she made, she could not imagine marrying someone better than this kind, wonderful and perfect man who waited and believed. 15 years down the line, both are happy into their lives and blessed with a good, naughty son who binds them together and makes them one entity. The spark and chemistry unchanged. The longing stronger. The love brighter and their bond more beautiful than ever.

Well, they are still living happily ever after!

A true story of a very close friend!

Rucha S Khot



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