Hell Hath No Fury As A Woman Scorned

A community of gossipers and make up freaks they call the womankind,

Was the perception limited to only so little in their entire mind,

Each infuriated and tossed her, every single one in a row,

Her whole existence questioned in one single blow,

The value freaks and culture admirers they became in a day,

Maturity and understanding all vanished and gone away,

Judging they practised like indulging in a passion of their own,

Left no choice to her even no right to moan,

Enemy was found within the walls of the own privileged community,

When well wishers attack it is shame on their entire audacity,

With a heavy heart the blow taken,

And in a moment thousand relationships forsaken,

She became the bad mouth of the other her,

Gave her the sadistic pleasure of seeing her match suffer,

She forgot in a whiff how she pulled herself down,

Because the affected had learnt well how to straighten her crown,

The feminist rangers that throng in from every corner,

Beware to be honest, lest you face her horror,

Be good to the soul that loves and respects you with their selfless hearts,

Or be ready to be whipped black and red in justice´s open yards,

For she reached the mountain with entire dignity,

If you pass her way she´ll tear you apart up till deformity,

The things that matter are the ones the soul treasures,

Try to play with them and you are treated with severe measures,

Narcissist and cold she came across to the world,

In a plethora of arguments henceforth she was everyday churned,

Act before you step into her privileged world,

It is not easy to love oneself and to love another kind soul at every rude turn,

Life has taught the easy and hard many invaluable lessons,

Never fake and forever blunt she spoke with a die hard expression,

To create a relationship and bond that spoke of everlasting impressions,

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned they say,

Mind each step, face her with respect and be true to yourself or you´ll be gone by the bay.

To every person who would mess with a soul without a reason.

Rucha S Khot


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Neha Karpe says:

    Just wow! Very well written.


    1. Rucha S Khot says:

      Thank you dear!


    2. Rucha S Khot says:

      Sorry for the late reply!
      Thanks a lot Neha!!


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