The D Day of Our Lives

A cute and loving lad came into my life,

Who taught me the meaning of what it was to be naïve,

We made plans and dreamt of travelling to places afar,

Sometimes wondered if our fates were always destined as the path of the northern star,

Two years it will take for the official commencement,

Strange and surprising was the feeling with the most awaited announcement,

Overwhelmed and excited our hearts pounding at the same beat,

We wished the times of romance and courtship could always repeat,

The way we met was a signal  from the Almighty,

That pursuit of any dream with sincerity would last till infinity,

I made a pursuit long back with new hopes each day,

Through heart breaks, break ups and failures I walked and found this cute angel by the bay,

Scared I was to give my hand at first,

Lest he left me in search of another great trust,

By the grace and will that we loved and promised,

He stayed by my side and kept me astonished,

Like the stars in the sky never forget to shine,

He always loved me even when I committed a serious crime,

With all our shortcomings and failures we saw the cruel side,

Yet the belief of affection and love kept us both loving with untamed pride,

A saying it goes that the soul departs in many forms to heaven,

Our birth will be proof that we find the departed one as it’s a force to reckon,

Silently he loved, expressions I connected,

Emotions and Promises were such that no rules and inhibitions were formatted,

Magical some call it, luckily some say,

A miracle and commitment it is for us that gives our lives an enlightened ray,

As the D day comes closer, the countdown and the test,

We enter into a mode where we plan to make our sweet own nest,

All gaining momentum with a cheerful banter from friends,

Celebrations and hard planning begins as the D day comes along with myriad emotional blends.

Rucha Sudhir Khot



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