The Unmet Purpose

Words come out on a piece of paper, As if my dreaded soul had been afraid to wither, An unknown force speaks to me about a mission, Tells me to think beyond a normal routine session, My life is not this but a bigger purpose lies beyond, It is my choice whether I choose to…


My work is a style, That gets done within a restricted line, I do not have to fret, Unless any calamity met, Besides the window I sit, And dream about Kris like in a vivid skit, Because the wait might be long, But melodious as a song. – Rucha Sudhir Khot

Southern Croatia topped with an Austrian Lining

The South of Croatia is speechless with its enamoured beauty. Blue is the colour for this country forever. In my previous blog Azul Croatia I covered tit bits about my weekend in Croatia where I explored the National Park of Plitvice and the picturesque city of Zadar with the stony shores and musical architecture. Now…

One Simple Wish

Work got done, And I was mime, I stared out of the window, And saw a thin white line, The light blue sky, On a peaceful high, It made me want to fly back to my land, Behind those mighty clouds where Kris might have hidden…… Rucha Sudhir Khot

The Conundrum of a Generous Heart

The land of ideas gave him an opportunity to discover his hidden talent, His name carried the same meaning but with an oblivion that was always absent, He never dared to hurt even a fly in the vast horizon, Lest someone tickled his rage that he would explode like an enraged lion, Humans tend to…

Indo-Deutsch Liebe und Lernen

Es sind mehr als 100 Tagen, dass ich in Deutschland gewohnt habe. So weit weg von meiner Familie zu wohnen war gar nicht einfach. Es ist auch wahr, dass ich in Bangalore ohne meine Familie gewohnt habe und gleicherweise auch für mein Studium, aber wir hatten uns vielmals getroffen. Diese 100 Tage waren ganz anders….