The Conundrum of a Generous Heart

The land of ideas gave him an opportunity to discover his hidden talent,

His name carried the same meaning but with an oblivion that was always absent,

He never dared to hurt even a fly in the vast horizon,

Lest someone tickled his rage that he would explode like an enraged lion,

Humans tend to make mistakes is the philosophy of his life forever,

Even those mistakes made him such a winner that he never ever would surrender,

Humorous and funny sometimes,

Adorable and Caring always,

It is impossible to find such a soul with a selfless and careless mane,

Money has no role to play in the sublime portrait of his life,

He will blow off all that he possessed cutting himself in pieces with an invisible knife,

Unknowingly hurting the most subtle part within,

Dangerous as a poison trickles down the throat ready to celebrate the malicious win,

His love for a soul is unmatchable in the whole universe,

Finding another match is a challenge, certainly nothing to reimburse,

Till the end is the motto,

If you gain surely nothing greater than that lotto,

Hopes that line up the mind in a vicious circle not easy to break,

A vivid dream at times that is not so practical to rake,

Selflessly you give, seeds you may sow,

Long run of love or ambitions will always take you from the paths untold,

Karma of a different kind that decides the destiny of each individual,

Nothing wrong has ever happened is a belief that will lead into a world so mystical,

Being a fighter to himself and the affection never seen in ages,

Is what makes this soul a keeper even in the fragile pages,

Discovery of themselves itself is a gift you can offer with selfless motivation,

A promise to never look back and cherish the present with constant optimism.

Rucha Sudhir Khot


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