Fresh Leaves of Wisdom

On the faded shores of the lost beaches,

When we try and expand the horizons till our eye reaches,

We enter a world full of awe and surprise,

That will bring with itself each time a new sunrise,

To the dawn that brings the first streak of light,

And our imaginations that we wish comes to board with all its might,

Learning we might define as a regular, dusty chore,

But it’s a thing that keeps us from any rubbish that might bore,

A devil´s mind they say is an empty box of thoughts,

Tying us all up with erratic knots,

The only breakable solution are those horizons we expand,

For the thirst of knowledge that we all should demand,

Each day a chapter that would give ecstasy and fresh leaves,

A lesson or a skill from this each one would carry on their sleeves,

Not a moment  where you feel worn out,

Even a closure or a failure should be dusted and used like a winner´s shout,

To seize the next and the best coming your way,

With heartfelt aggression to make true what your heart  will always say.

Rucha Sudhir Khot




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