The Chronicles of Faith


19th August 2016, Stuttgart

I turned 24 today.
Still young and hearty.
Enthusiastic to capture my dreams and fulfil them.
I feel privileged and loved today.
My friends are many.
Have fulfilled many wishes.
My love by my side forever supportive and nothing to complain with 
basic facilities.
When you mean a lot to many people you know the impact is high.
Feel satisfied to have made a difference in so many lives.
I have hurt, but regretted.
I have used words like swords, but frankly.
I have forgiven and forsaken.
This birthday is different.
Very different.
The cruel and the real chapters of life have begun.
How is life, some asked me.
I am living life, adjusting, compromising, achieving, dreaming, 
learning and growing.
I am being a mixture, as they say a paradox.
At times patient, then still, also rude, ignorant, sometimes awed 
by the magnitude of my emotions,
caring for one person Kris whole heartedly.
Scared to lose him.
Missing Mom, thanking Dad and wishing good luck to Gautya.
Getting jealous, overcoming fears, trying to secure the future.
Connecting within, with God, embracing reality 
and wishing peace in the world.
Life takes turns, serious turns, you become what you believed, 
but you are what we never thought of.
Nirvana is not given but attained ( eternal bliss I wish to search )

Rucha Sudhir Khot


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