Human Perceptions of another Good Soul

Sarcasm redefined with egalitarian virtues,

Respecting and caring for his loved angels with all dues,

He hates the paparazzi howling on the berth of his head,

Likes his abode and world as if he was of awesomeness made,

Incredible as a word will burn his heart inside,

Awesomeness you say and with a reunited bond you will collide,

Seriously working his ass of the tasks assigned,

A doting father, a caring friend, a youthful lover he has made himself to be destined,

Advices galore will come like seasonings on a pizza,

But dare you disturb the mighty soul along with a someone may be called Clarissa,

Children playing like hounds running in the forest,

He will be irritating at the tip of your nose slipping you off the arm rest,

Blossoming from his sleep wishes will come for that mouth to shut,

Anything you offer on the plate will be gobbled, even a small piece of nut,

Treat him like shit and you have your dirty lesson,

Broken you might be and he will rebuild confidence like a mason,

Hooligans in life are born to fight and support in the thunderous hurricanes,

Nothing else will matter to him in need of hour not even his personal gains,

A beauty of an intelligent and brilliant mind comes to life,

Jointly and fiercely protected like the queen bee in the hive,

Arrogance is measured here with a lion´s pride,

But the coconut heart soft and mushy never would take you for a ride,

A best friend and an undulating love of a brother I find solace by his presence,

He will strive his best to reduce the needed nuisance by the sheer omnipresence,

Weird it is how one person is perfectly fit to play all roles of a man,

A brother, a friend, dad and lover he can be all combined in a frame.

Rucha Sudhir Khot




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