Positivity Redefined

A while back you were unknown like a mystery,

I didn´t know if I would come across a person like you in history,

Found you to be an epitome of silence,

Experienced it as well from the pupil of my lens,

Kindness redefined in the elegance of times,

Cuteness personified like your generosity shines,

A bond recreated in a short era of words,

Want a special place in your heart and the want to be heard,

Attention is my flaw and from you a little I demand,

A bowlful of love and a little pinch of command,

Nostalgia of my mother you remind and give me manifold,

Always from my soul the respect I will hold,

For your smile and innocence I want to give a thumbs up,

Whenever you need a helping hand like a horse I will gallop,

A long life to prosper and live the world may you get,

Calmness and a chilled attitude without melancholy never should you forget.

-Rucha Sudhir Khot, for a Mom on her birthday.13891798_1161300103891292_1925427545954897419_n



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