A Strangers Friendly Bond

Across the mountains in the helm of my dreams,

A man with a weird personality captured my whims,

Sarcastic and surreal he portrayed a world of carefree domain,

Wild and carefree like a hippie would he remain?

First impressions last longer we saw in  each phase of life,

Rekindling memories of the past he cut across my mind like a knife,

Would he come across the meandering path and make way for a friendship?

Or fade away in the oblivion like a coffee I would merely sip,

Time passed and  words exchanged, a companion expressed,

The wonders of his heart and then believed in me as one would in state of complete arrest,

He danced like a soul would give away his smile,

But accompanied a comrade till each and every mile,

Value of words meant a thousand miracles for the perturbed little soul,

Break your promises, and danger would surround you till you at his feet roll,

Extremes of two sides is an understatement given,

Love for oneself and his sensitivities keep the person driven,

Relaxed as a bull would graze along the meadows for fresh grass,

Never dare to cross limits with this soul, lest you want to be harassed,

Opinions changed when time got spent,

Taking the right on personal decisions to comment,

Bonds formed from the glory and grace of God,

Life lived with helluva passion and food for thought,

Songs galore and feelings of amor, gather in a secret cove of mind,

Friendships of a surreal kind make way for memories always to remind,

A soul existed with a sheer motive to live carefree,

And be true to the existing notion, that honesty, fun and passion will always make you pass the storms of the sea.

Rucha Sudhir Khot



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