The Pros and Cons of A Confused Age

I asked myself suddenly today what are the advantages and disadvantages of being close to 25, like literally, I never in my wildest dreams thought that time flies actually fast, really fast. I feel I have done so much, and then it boils down to dreaming and setting goals again, here is what came out after I pondered and life decided to throw jabs, teach me and be merry too.

The Brownie Points personally….

Well you can definitely manage staying healthy with your eating habits, exercise and keeping a tab on your fitness, I feel it is very necessary in the long term.

You are prone to freedom, fewer responsibilities and therefore can manage to take sufficient risks as well.

You have opportunities waiting for you and you need to be smart enough to choose the right one at the right time.

People expect you to be dumb and self-absorbed and are always pleasantly surprised when you blurt out some wisely knowledge about the world .

You can still get away with being childish without being judged too much.

Hearing the “twenty-” prefix instead of the “-teen” suffix automatically gives you the adult high.

At the same time you do not let go off the youngster in you and partying is still fun.

You have toned down an awesome lot, you want to rebel but do it subtly, you want to speak up but you do it boldly, you begin to understand and endure the world around you, you can differentiate between right and wrong, the education helps you do that.

You start understanding the importance of your youth and how necessary it is to do some things at the right time, because how much ever you say, the velocity of some things and bigger responsibilities will take toll one day. Travel and learn as much as you can and be open.You learn to live the moment and cherish it.

You have lot of energy at times and sometimes do not know where to use that energy. Also for some of you financial freedom is like a boon, because then that energy can be invested in something worthwhile even if it requires money.

The Other Side Of The Coin…..

You’re torn between time for yourself and for family, as at this point of life you’ve already understood how important family is and how little time left to be with them. At the same time you have so many other priorities and there are times it’s terribly hard to balance.

You have experiences but they are not enough to be confident that you are capable to solve anything, whether it’s work or personal problems.

It’s an important phase for you and for your peers as well. Here and there they are making big things: promotion, becoming rich, getting married, having children, earning a prestigious degree, etc.

Making real friends is harder as we grow.People make connections with only those they think would be beneficial to them personally or professionally, very few 25 years olds would be interested in spending time with someone just because they really enjoy their company.

(For those with a job) Taxes, mutual funds and savings are no longer part of some fancy jargon your parents used every February. The calculations are real, and boy, they affect you so!!

There are still so many things left to do and so much less time, being in the ‘dream’ job, owning a company, buying your own vehicle, owning a decent place to live in, finding your ‘soulmate’ ( well I found mine sooner, but some do struggle with this) the list goes on.

Even after all this, this time of the life in the 20s remains full of energy, ideas and always ready to kick ass.

Be young, be free!

Inspired to write from an article I read online. Some points might seem similar because every normal person would think the same way. There is so much to read that this little contribution would serve the little purpose.

Rucha Sudhir Khot



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  1. Baby paws ;) says:

    Bang on!!!


    1. Rucha S Khot says:

      Thank you Baby Paws 🙂


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