Like a kid from the street you took me to your utmost care,
Gave me the friendship that I would ever find in a world so rare,
Inspired and covered every obstacle in my way,
Taught me that friends are never meant to vanish in one single sway,
On a level of unbeatable happiness the moments take and bind us,
Each one is a beauty so rich in heart and mind that I would always blush,
From a trusted companion to long lasting souvenirs you became so much in such little time,
Pleasure is mine when we get to commit even the tiniest of any naughty crime,
Distance apart from each one of you I learnt to believe that life always tricks,
Those moments when I cannot talk and act with you are like a thorn’s hostile prick,
Such few people start meaning the world with nothing but gestures manifold,
The gems in a queen’s crown are your actions and life to me that I would forever hold,
I learnt from the situations bleak and joyful that friends like family are a unique flair,
And you are the example of fondest chosen family that I would never let vanish in thin air.

Rucha Sudhir Khot



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