Rantings for an Angelic Soul

In a sweet laughter of yonder I wanted to hold you big and tight,
With arms so small yet with the world’s biggest might,
Snuggle like a mouse and purr like a cat about the world’s fifth dimension that you so fondly like,
And hold that warm belly that tuggles on the raving speed of your hale and hearty bike,
Miles away from the setting sun I see the moon and send messages every night,
Lest you not get it, would the world turn upside down and make me rush to you in sheer state of fright?
Love is blind they say,
I believe it would because I would search for you even in a useless stag of hay,
For the touch, hope and mirth that you spread around me,
And lift my spirits each day like a woman would feel on a shopping spree,
A salad of confusion I turn to fire when you are not around to comfort the little devil inside,
A streak of happiness of the same level erupts when after that longing our hearts collide,
An ignited bond that flames up the ashes and makes me wonder how I found you in this big bad world,
An angel in the making or already made I wonder if you will always make me joyfully swirl.
Rucha Sudhir Khot14713568_1219370631417572_2311585132700204311_n

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