The peaceful hills of Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Yercaud is a quaint little hill station in the lap of Tamil Nadu situated 30km away from Salem and takes at the max three hours to reach from Bangalore, and two hours from Coimbatore. It is petite yet holds the charm of a long forgotten British town with local tastes and traditions. Find solace and  be at peace with yourself at this out of the blue yet lush green plantation hill station.

I do not have much to write about this place as I spent only one day here. It was solace and serenity to its best. There was so much bustling around me that I wanted to be in the quiet and hear the sounds of nature, the crunching of dry leaves, the rustling of twigs and branches, the breeze talking to trunks of the trees, a sound or two of the wild animals and experience the vastness of the sun. The location where I was waiting gave me the perfect view. I have been in the mountains before, but this petite little station, is proof to the fact that even small places can have so much wonder hidden. Salem that is situated so near to it was humid and hot, but as you take the Ghats, cool breeze made way and whooosh went my wavy hair. That feeling is unmatched. I tried some local fruits, like jackfruits and even red bananas. The food is very similar to what we all eat and relish in South India. The only thing that is special are the hills, they are really virgin and serene.


A one day trip to this destination is a good idea to unwind! Book a resort and go spend that day with yourself. A short one this time, as bigger plans await.

Until next time.

Rucha Sudhir Khot



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