Organic Fiesta and Wandering Trails

An organic way of life! Some locations in India are best known for the organic produce with which they woo people and set the standard for authentic products and thereby a healthy lifestyle. How nice to get a glimpse of these organic farms walking through nature trails or wandering on the beaches and then bumping into a farm or orchard. Have you imagined taking a walk down the grandeur of India’s temples and then stopping by at a local shop to the beauty and aroma of organic produce. An Organic Fiesta is one of a kind, think about combining it with fitness and exploring the wildest part of nature, or an old forgotten city,  or even a pristine beach on the yonder shores of India. Try this glimpse of a unique travel that will unravel for you a different and exciting combination of finding time for yourself and to revel in the beauty of nature too.

Coorg offers a great introduction to village life in Karnataka. Scattered amid its richly forested terrain and lush coffee estates, are quaint little villages with rice paddies, maize fields, small streams, and seasonal waterfalls. For all Coffee connoisseurs this is the best place to find any organic product. Rice and Maize also occupy a significant position in building up the business and economy. Pumpkin lamp shades, earthen pots, biodegradable soaps, bamboo decor are some of the local products that will catch your fancy and also help the locals take care of their living standard. Why spend in the city when we can contribute to the local business in our towns and help our own people become self sufficient. Isn’t it!  Not only this, Coorg is the Scotland of India, with a hearty organic fiesta and taking care of the environment what is in store for you is way beyond awesome.
Trek the highest peaks in Karnataka and fulfill your trekking hunger. Ride a bike into the forests or go on a hiking trail in the surrounding meadows. This is going to be your one stop shot for scrumptious Kodava recipes that have passed on since generations. Learn how to work in paddy field along your trek or get in touch with the locals and know the secrets of growing any organic product. Help these people by either buying or taking their knowledge back to the city. Strike a conversation with the jungle tribes if you meet any and get to know the ancient secrets of making these products. Take a trail along with the tribes to remote places, and know how they live even in the worst of conditions with the help of basic products. These products can be a boon to folks like us, as they are known to be chemical free and organically produced.
Another pristine location in Karnataka, known popularly as the cow’s ear also has this touch to it. Have you ever thought of a travel therapy!…Seeking spiritual rejuvenation, trekking or hiking along the beach and then that intrinsic urge in oneself to cling on to some fragile hope. Gokarna gives many therapeutic experiences, wellness tourism, aqua tourism, alternate lifestyle and to top it all there is yoga tourism. One trek or a casual hike can open such a plethora of options for you. Not only this Gokarna is famous for vanilla beans, cocoa beans, spirulina, and the best of all coconuts. These products are known to be complimentary and are mostly eaten during rejuvenation and relaxation periods after hiking or running for a long time as they boost energy and at the same time cool down your body. Research has proved that vanilla beans and cocoa beans in limited quantities are sex simulators too. All this at one place, lifestyle experiences, a hike along the yonder shores of India in Gokarna and getting the best of these products. What’s more take them along with you and have it after your work out or exercise regime. Gokarna residents will guide you into exciting recipes and shakes made from these local commodities, only if you ask!.. But the pre- requisite is just one, visiting Gokarna!.. The local shack chefs or even the hotel chefs will be helpful. If you are the alcoholic lover, there is some great local beer to taste here. It is freshly brewed in the shacks, after a long day with your hiking it is bound to refresh you.
Doesn’t all this sound doable, you just need to pick up your bags, put on your trekking shoes and get going on a wander trail or a hiking adventure with Nature Walkers. Trek to the most famous peaks of Coorg, Madikeri or the pristine beaches of Gokarna and experience the one of a kind experience, which serves a three fold purpose… Stay fit, Buy Local and Keep The Environment Healthy!.. One trek that will make a soulful indulgence of getting the best out of one place, and engaging with people too. Nature Walkers treks are meant to serve the purpose of giving a good time to its trekkers as well as being a catalyst to make the environment and society a better place to live for our future generations!

Rucha Sudhir Khot


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