The Best Gift I Got On My Birthday – Traveling And Exploring

Why is traveling so important these days? You breath, you discover, you unleash, you learn and then when you return you are a different person than what you were before you left. It is a magical feeling for some while for many it is an economic crunch. I totally agree it is. But when it makes you happy, it is advisable to save up a little and hit the road without giving it a second thought. Traveling is practical schooling. It is ravenous and sprawling like a magical spell becoming successful. Those who love fairytales love travel, the yearning to discover that story place will never die down. An absolutely worthy idea is hitting the road, sky or water on your birthday and heading directly to a place you have never visited before. Why? Because you will never regret it. Because it is the only gift that will never wither or drench. That is the only gift that will grow old. It will become cherished and the more you get, you will age like that tasty, rustic wine. I like going out of my little shell and having some adventure some times. It teaches me to grow, it teaches me to familiarize.

Birthdays are meant to have special time. Each birthday trip will make you wiser and an avid dreamer as you gather those experiences and give a shit about the narrow part of the world, because you have seen the big wide world, you have gone beyond the horizon, you have tried to move out of your comfort zone and adapt. You are evolving as a human being. You get a chance to be humble. You get a chance to know the atrocities and struggles of other communities. Be it in any part of the world. You know what good you can get back to your region from the people and the places and try to make a difference for the lives and the society living around you. We cannot turn a blind eye to the stormy stories of the world. Recently on my birthday my hubby gifted me a trip to Mcleodganj and Dharamshala. We had a gala time relaxing and exploring the places that were out of any itinerary. What hit us the most was the sad story of the Tibetan community that made us give them only sympathy and nothing else. We cannot imagine the plight they might have gone through. Women were ripped off their status and money. Children were killed because they were not pure blood. Men were ruthlessly murdered and some gruesome pictures in the museum made me sulk with tears in my eyes. They were thrown out of their own country. Their history burnt and language vanishing. The Chinese have created no less than a war situation in these areas which is worse than the concentration camps as people are forced to leave their homes and migrate to India as refugees without any identity. Imagine!..You give your whole lifetime to earn and build something, and someone unknown comes and destroys it within minutes. It is terrifying and heinous.

This birthday trip taught me the rules of the mountains. It made me aware and know the importance of my immediate family, especially my husband. You cannot stay within closed doors and say you read the news so you know the world, you have to experience certain things to believe it and know it. Birthdays mean you are growing older. These days will never come back. Whatever you have left of your life we should be able to spend it with radiated enthusiasm and illuminating energy around us. Your presence should be able to motivate and give a positive vibe to the opposite person.

Another awesome reason to travel on your birthdays is to get that special rate everywhere. Restaurant owners and hotels, including airlines will go the extra mile to make your birthday a star-studded affair for you and your gang. Emirates has a special menu with white wine, perfumes and roses for their birthday guests. Lufthansa will arrange for a cupcake, roses and wine. Some restaurants even give you complimentary cakes and flowers. On the other hand if you are an online buff and a regular at certain chain of hotels like Mahindra Resorts or booking through dedicated websites like Make My Trip, special coupons codes will be designated just for your birthdays on your travel and hotel bookings.

Birthdays also give you a chance to make ample of new friends on your travels. Celebrating with a few, alone or just one companion? Fret not. There are many vagabond and young gangs that would love to be a part of your celebration and mingle with you. If you have booked your travel stays on AirBnb or Couchsurfing, your hosts are going to leave no stone unturned to give you that pompous bash. We do not expect opulence at each stage, but anything new on a birthday is always welcome because you are starting a new year!

Do not waste your money on materialistic pleasures on your next birthday, but go travel. You will always be happy and have a photograph of yourself at new places for each birthday making it extra-special.

Keep travelling and let us know your story in the comments below!

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