Flora Testimonies – 1


The first rule of parenting that is now etched in my mind : Your baby is your awakening, make sure you plan the best, everything, like a bud is taken care by the plant, you have to make sure they get the best by hook or by crook. Motherly instincts make you possessive. The future, the present, you feel everything needs to be perfect, and nothing is wrong with that, it’s called the nesting phase. Bleeding and feeding is something not all can achieve, and if you need help during that time, fret not, be bold and take it.
To carry 5kgs in your stomach and then see that your boobs can weigh upto 2.5 kgs on your chest is none other than some physical feat my body achieved. So many mothers have gone through this, but to each one it is special because it’s not less than running a marathon. Hats off to each lady who undergoes this trauma and is yet smiling for her baby to make sure they get nourishment.
You are stronger than you can imagine to be, you bleed, you feed, you wake up, you undergo aches, the uterus plays havoc, your legs swell, you cannot bend, you cannot sneeze nor cough with the fear that the stitches might come loose and you are smiling for your infant. Let the world play balls with their suggestions and damn irritation, just make sure your baby has the best and that’s what a fearless mother teaches her warrior daughter!

I am a person who believes in miracles, fairies and super powers and one thing has been clear to me, even with all the cuts, aches and internal bleeding my daughter has been my strongest reincarnation thanks to the belief that you need to just have faith and be ready to face any damn hurdle that comes your way. My eight hour labour phase taught me what I could bear, my c section phase taught me how much I could endure and that is why I am a woman.

The best addition to my life has been Flora and the strongest addiction will be Mom!
It certainly takes only one to tango, to be a Mom and I thank God he made me one…….

-Rucha Sudhir Khot

close up of pink indoors
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Krissy captured!

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  1. debabrata saha says:

    Wonderfully written as always. God bless Ruchaflora.


  2. Rutuja says:


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