Flora Testimonies – 2

Being a daddy’s girl is like having a permanent armour for the rest of your life.
Well, as I post in the few initial days about Flora I have decided to let out all the brunt, feelings and emotions in the truest way to be honest with my relationship with her as a mother and to be as transparent in my way of expressing as I can be, so that it is reciprocated and resonated well within Flora’s conscience that feelings are best expressed and not hidden.
The moment she was born everything seemed so magical, the world stopped and made me ponder over the good deeds I had performed that I deserved such an angelic daughter.
She took my breath away, her eyes shining passionately like black pearls of aspiration made me stare at her in awe, her features strikingly poised, and artistic fingers that promised an amazingly rhetoric future gave us determination that we will give her what she wants without any inhibitions.
On the behavioural front we were sure she had inherited genes of her father because of her silent demeanor and not so troubling sleeping patterns. She expressed lightly but observed with undivided attention and always held her head high, she was unlike me, impatient and direct, she has a rampant mind of her own that functions at her own will and demand.
Everything seemed to be going smooth when I heard a voice inside me that puffed up a powder of jealousy for my own daughter. Was I going negative? How could I be jealous of a little, tiny infant that could bring no harm, but I did and it ate me inside for two days until I realised it was normal and out of my outgrown love for another angel in my life, my dearest hubby. Oh, how he took care of her like a diamond, each little finger he would hold like a champagne glass, her head he would protect like a glass of wine, and that is when revelation struck a chord, I had to share love now, I had to share the man I called mine, he was no longer ” only ” mine, I had dynamically lost him to the most beautiful gift that mankind received.
But, eventually I accepted the fact. We spoke with moist eyes of mine over this when my hubby made me understand how the tiny one needed his attention more than ever and he will give his higher percentage of love to our daughter because we created her, we sculpted her birth. And that is how this daddy’s little girl got her first ever love in life thanks to her innocence and passionate eyes!
And I lost a share of my love happily to this little piece of beauty, my warrior princess! 😍😍😘😘

-Rucha Sudhir Khot_DSC0360


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