The After Math of Delivering A Baby

They said you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom when you don’t care what the society thinks about you or atleast you are not negatively affected by what people speak, gossip or discuss about you, more importantly the people who give you pessimistic vibes, or those that have the aura of cynicism to lend you. Just saying letting go off your inhibitions does not mean you let go, you have to have that urge to actually not care about opinions.
Doing this picture was my own idea and step. I wanted to know if I could love this body even in front of the mirror. Even when criticism came and statements about changing imperfections were made I wanted to be sure I loved the me inspite of that gigantic change. There are going to be hundreds of questions, people will question my ability to think, to react. Well, to all those take a pill and harness your energy to think good for your life. I know very well that this little write up and move will be full of repercussions. 

But this is for each girl out there who went through this. Each woman I know and who is a mother of how much I respect you and can resonate with what you went through.
Sharing this has one more reason, I went through a very bad phase of post pregnancy depression for as long as 10 days and I could not get myself to join the broken pieces of the puzzle. Having someone by your side is indeed a plus, but you fight your mind alone, those nerves just bursted inside my head until I could think of what had to be done. It also affected my feeding on my baby. I was frantically waking up and crying my heart out because I felt like a dependent. Even though the bulging reduced eventually my anemic traits and glands were all out of place. I sweated even in the wee of hours of night. This body will be proof to me of what it was like. There are hundreds of woman out there who have gone through worse so naturally there is nothing great in what I did. What surprised me was the endurance and acceptance level that I reached.

Love your imperfections. Be confident and try your hardest not to compare your body to the girl next to you or the girl you looked like before you gave birth.
I am proud of my body after having a kid. I never expected my body to go back to exactly what it was before having a kid. I think pregnancy has made me less critical of my body and more amazed at what it is able to do. Having a kid has also made me proud to be a woman. It is an incredible experience and gift to be able to create life and I feel fortunate that I was able to have the experience. So if you don’t have any words to make me feel better after this post I suggest you just scroll up and continue with your work because I am still waiting to unleash good energy at the right time.

-Rucha Sudhir Khot

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