Flora Testimonies – 6


Change is the only constant, said a great person once upon a time. But taking time to change at your own pace is wonderful, right? It is so difficult to actually get out of your comfort zone and embrace the realm with new changes. I am exhausted today after making Flora sleep and I keep gazing at her wondering how quickly she is getting past her comfort zone and giving me new surprises each day.
Time is just slipping out of my hands before I could even enjoy her being a new born baby. I keep flipping my memory and my cell phone for her old pictures and see how time cast a spell on her and made her grow so soon.
Dwelling on the near past is lethal to life, the poem “The Psalm Of Life” taught me to live in the “living present”, but what if that past is your most cherished memory? Savouring my daughter’s naive little face is the only thing I ardently do these days with utmost dedication. I kept cribbing about how troublesome everything was after my delivery, the untidy bed, the unclean sheets, the messy swaddle cloth and her cries of despair at night when she felt immensely hungry. But all that is gone now and I miss it so much. I miss my Flora’s new born days because she was a munchkin to behold. She will always be the awakening child both Kris and me passionately dreamed of, exactly the way we wanted, naive and fearless, smart and sober. I am extremely overwhelmed for what I have become after giving birth to her. Each day that passed reminds me what it takes to balance a woman. Flora is a learning curve in my life, extraordinary and an elixir in our life. So much suaveness in her personality already , she is one of those dignified souls that even I will look upto.

affection baby barefoot blur
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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