My Take On #MeToo

The #metoo movement is not about allegations and why a woman spoke up late or thinking that all do it for publicity. It is about our future generations. There is a change we want to see.

Having a daughter makes me dream of a fearless world for her but that is not at all possible seeing the helm of affairs we are experiencing. I publicly spoke about my experiences with #metoo way earlier when the movement started, and if you question me why it’s because when the things happened I was naive, a mere 10years old girl who could not muster courage, but I refuse to bring my daughter up the same way, she will know and speak up because there is a movement standing behind her.

The daughters need to speak up and oppose. The sons need to be taught to walk along with a victim and not make a victim. Even to the sons who have gone through #metoo they need to know why we all are together.
I pity the older women and the younger girls who still cannot speak about their tragedies and have to sulk in melancholy.

Woman and men both need to be unbiased and unafraid. This #metoo thing is especially about women, I repeat especially and not only about women because for the longest time in history we were suppressed under societal pressure and the patriarchy ways were engraved in her head.

We need surroundings where people are aware about values like accountability and don’t show dreadful times to the weaker section or vulnerable women who they think cannot speak up.
Enough of resentment has been seen, all we need is people to trust us and be translucent in their thought process so each one feels that the world is an inclusive place meant to be.

– Rucha Sudhir Khot

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