Flora Testimonies – 8


It has been a while I wrote about our munchkin. Writing about her and canoodling her is like a wake of happiness that engulfs me all around. Her papa has been missing around the scene lately as he is neck deep into work saving holidays for her special days which will come later in the year when we plan to travel and explore this big wide happy world with Flora. So, there have been a lot of improvements and tremendous amount of smiling and developments in my little munchkin since she was born. Soon, she will complete the first quarter of her life and life is beginning to get back to its running stage for me. I thought, what would the world offer after I am a mother or best put how would I cope up with a responsibility. Lest I fail, lest I give up on being myself. Time is the best healer and teacher as they say, turbulent times and constant changes keep you back on your feet. First year of BEd got done in the span of my pregnancy, the next Spanish brusher class has started with a big hit, I have time to attend story telling meets as a new hobby, travel blogging has been smooth and most of all teaching has started to take shape slowly but steadily. I have more than a hundred reasons to thank Flora because of her calm and silent demeanor, close to zero demands of cuddling and picking her up at each whine and making me believe how privileged I am to get a child who lets me attend story telling meets, gather up for a coffee with friends in town, and also go shopping for necessities that are the need of the hour. We love singing nursery rhymes together and get going with classical music on guitar at night during bedtime. I have strict instructions from her father to make her listen to guitar and Hindustani classical every once in a while to make her a patient and sorted girl that is not affected by negative Proximities and blatant blasts of agony around her as music helps you maintain an aura of positivity and keeps you grounded. Though, she has inherited the looks and likes of her mother, and the expressive attitude that makes me love her even manifold, her intelligence levels and smartness quotient including the core habits have a very canny presentation and match that of her father. The observation skills, that finger play and intent artist look, the rockstar eyes that twinkle like a diamond and what I fondly believe her to be like a pearl of wisdom she listens ardently what the opposite person says and responds with a sheer, soft cry or a happy smile or a lovely laughter that breaks into a small joyful criek. I am surely falling in love all over again. I only got this feeling with Kris almost four years ago, when my heart skipped a beat and my senses were not mine but someone else’s, when day and night did not matter, and when mobile phones never stopped beeping. Apart from the mobile fiasco everything is the same and let me be very clear, heightened. My emotions for her have no boundary and I wish this love between us grows by leaps and bounds. Her favourite person in the house is definitely my mother because I see respect in her eyes. My father is her go to sportsperson and she playfully calls him to take her and make her upright on his lap so that they can watch cricket together. My sister is the best aunt she could get. Her choicest accessories, her beautiful frocks, her Indian attires, her lucid dresses are all approved by the loving aunt. The father Krissy boy tells me to tell her stories of yonder and most importantly songs. A musical child is truly in the making. As she grows up let’s wish and pray for more adventurous moments around in her life. I want to thank my daughter for making me a better person and wanting to achieve a level where I am a respectable human being rather than a person who survives on false hopes. Cheers to an obedient daughter that gives me space too.

woman carrying baby near green trees
Photo by Shari Murphy  Pexels.com

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