Flora Testimonies – 9


Baby In An Incubator

Firstly I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been following my #floratestimonies series because this has been one thing that I pour my heart out into writing. It is a privilege to write about souls that change your life for the better. Kris was a boy to me first who was passionate about his talents but now I see a blooming father, a father who feels sad that he cannot come visit her every day due to erratic job timings, a father who loves her playful, naughty videos, a father that cares for her wildly and ferociously, a father who nonchalantly giggles and sniffs at her pouts, and then there is me, hi!… Flora’s mommy who is still in her childhood phase of wondering how the hell I am bringing up this kickass, smart kid, because as they say ‘ you can see the baby’s character in the cradle itself ‘ and it’s time enough we saw hers four months back in an incubator itself, from the way she fought, determined and faithful, loyally and fiercely to make her stand in this world. Like a princess from the fairy tales who rose up to smile on her own will.
As soon as Flora was born, a day later she was diagnosed with jaundice, her bilirubin levels shot up in one day, she did look pale after the C section but the doctor thought it is a normal temperature side affect and the next day she turned pale, her pearls of wisdom went yellow and then we shifted her. I went downright into crying mode after I saw her in that incubator for giving her photo therapy.
For all who do not know an incubator is a medical apparatus that provides care and nourishment to the new born in a protected and controlled environment to make them come to terms with life and feel adapted. It controls humidity, temperature and at times even the breathing levels in an infant. Her Neo Natal Specialist kept giving us reasons to worry and hope for two days. Trust me seeing your baby in a neo natal care unit is the shock you can get after delivery. But persistence matters right, hard core! Though Flora was not at all a premature baby or unhealthy in any way, her jaundice did take toll, and it is all thanks to the different blood groups that she and I had. So to all the mommies or to be mommies out there make sure to get your new born checked for any blood antigens that may overpower her/him because of the mother’s blood group, as our peculiar lifestyle these days can be a cause of many unwanted consequences that are discovered out of the womb. Surely my placenta did play havoc with her during the birthing process.
So the incubator meant less body to body contact for Flora and me that would result in complications in the baby’s sleeping patterns, eating style and even her ability to cope up with relationships. But lo and behold!…. God has been kind, we immediately opted for the Kangaroo Care treatment and the results were mind blowing. Just sugar to my ears I would say. Kris and me visited her each day and she reacted so strongly, on the day of discharge the neo natal nurse told me that Flora was the most obedient and patient baby they had cared for in months all thanks to that one miracle gene from her father Krissy Boy. She reacted to all meds perfectly, she co-operated for all tests patiently, she even drank her milk without me, as I could not be there all the time due to my surgery, independence and self reliance right from the scratch….Our happiness knew no bounds and we took her home all smiles, bounty and laughter.
Four months have passed and she has adapted to anyone and everyone who takes care of her. There are five people who take care of her regularly and she is in different hands at each hour of the day, but no complaints at all. I have seen such a child first time in my life who does not insist on having only parents around to feed and babysit and that is a huge plus. Because adaptability and this empathy towards all relationships comes right from the scratch.
I think her time in the incubator taught her some hard core realities of life from day 2 of birth. I am thankful to my Mom for teaching her to be social and flexible at such a young age. We all wish that when we have a child it should inherit the best qualities from both the parents and be our walking – talking persona. We hit the dart right there. Patience, Smartness, Versatility and Determination from Krissy. Boldness, Expressiveness, Quirkiness and Talkative Genes from Mommy.
That is Flora for now……….

©Rucha Sudhir Khot


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