Deeply and Madly

Deeply and Madly

A better person you make me each day,
For loving me, for who I am without any say,
The house that we reside in would never be a home without us,
The funny situations that we both handle would not be complete without the mandatory fuss,
How beautifully intertwined are our fates,
Thou shalt not be my Krissy Boy without those cheesy dates,
Like an adventure this life made us ponder at every step of the way,
Only the heralds would suggest to our roller coaster a hark of ecstatic hurray,
Only if the kisses were raindrops,
I would send you showers of joy,
With you Kris Engel,
Life feels so right,
An eternity with you is nothing but a sheer delight,
Love to us in a disguise,
Nothing like those days when the sun nonchalantly rises,
The mirth, joy and happiness you have brought to me,
That devoted form of love you give me so abundantly,
Let there be ecstasy and peace always in your embrace,
And may I get to see your face,
Even when dawn knocks my door with grace.

©Rucha Sudhir Khotcycling-halong-bay-beach1


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