Flora Testimonies 10


Flora turns 7 months old today.
What an amazing surprise!
Yes, it is indeed a surprise because she grew up so fast. In a jiffy. Time just slipped from our hands. Anon always said that daughters grew up faster than sons but I never gathered it would be at lightening speed.
Before we knew, she started crawling, sitting, saying and responding to hellos and shake hands, responding to both her names Flora and Riya, and lo and behold!… her face starting to change in a complete turn of events. The “child in an incubator” today has transformed into the brave heart, rockstar and obedient baby Krissy boy and me so wished to have!….
She has become a perfect combination of rebellion, brave heart, patience, politeness and bond.
You will always see her smiling at the people she knows and shares a special bond with.
She is so particular about her food timings, it has to be definitely delivered on time. Zomato, Swiggy and Food Panda can have a stiff competition here. Her bond for her loved ones is so robust that the moment you leave her alone in the vicinity she picks up her usual tantrum. Not howling or yelling but a gentle, ladylike shriek.
You all must be wondering where does braveness stand in all of this. I have seen her on three of her vaccinations now and each time she gets three injections, she lets out a loud cry for exactly 13seconds and after that keeps mum. She knows when and when not to trouble granny and mommy. My mother Sumati Khot has indeed played a pivotal and major role in shaping up her personality as it is now.
She understands the nuances of eating good or bad from now itself. Has not dared to touch a chocolate even when offered, loves eating Dal and rice, idli, boiled carrots and apples, recently mango and hates lemons.
Well, I cannot describe her essence around me. It fills up the aura around me with positivity. She is prettier than a doll in reality and lights up your mood instantly . My maid and my neighbor say that whenever we are low or sad this daughter of yours has a power to transform our emotions from melancholy to ecstasy. When you see her crawl and play, she is bouncy, cheerful, and angelic at one point and then suddenly if food is not served she becomes spoiled and alert.
The first instinct of any person who sees her for the first time is to laugh. Only a mother and in my case Flora’s granny too knows what a baby has been through and today I am immensely proud of raising such a noble daughter. It is in rare cases that the parents learn and hold their children to be role models and for us Flora is the epitome of a good and kind-hearted soul.
Thank you God for Flora!

©Rucha Sudhir Khot


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