The Confused Proposal


On a shady, rainy day,

I waited long for a strong, bright ray,

And in the helm of my cosy corner,

I found a piece of a shattered paper in the far realm of a drawer,

A momentary pleasure ran along my veins,

As I pondered over the long lasting impression of those little love chains,

My love lead me nowhere, but a profound mindful abyss,

That was hard to find along the way but ideally came to be a sorted abacus,

With a sort of yin and yang connection I was bound to surprise him,

And then a nostalgia of emotions came in a swish and took me to get rhythmic over a little love hymn,

His feelings run around entwined with my arteries,

Twinkling like a star and settled in a mesmerized harmony,

Along the way we learnt to balance the potency of our love,

In a willful message it turned out to be a peaceful cacophony in the cornered alcove,

I drew inspiration from the sea to love with infinity,

But the splash of the waves told how uncanny of my solemn personality,

An oxymoron of a woven entanglement we created with ease,

But our difficult little love was hard to decipher because of our muddled expertise,

Finally I took to tow and bowed down on one knee,

To turn a dream into reality of making a story become a real life scene.

©Rucha Sudhir Khot


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