Tips For Travelling With A Baby – Infant Category


1. Pack adequate amount of breast milk or formula milk to last you for atleast 6 hours. Ideally 300ml would do for below one year old and 500ml for up to 2 year olds.
2. Carry two portions of cerelac or baby food that you prefer.
3. Carry 500ml of boiled warm water for making baby food and also cleaning the bottles if needed.
4. 200ml of fruit juice – freshly pressed like pomegranate and orange would be an added advantage.
5. Two changes of clothes that are easy going and loose as well as easy to put on without hassles. Avoid rompers when you are out.
6. Three diapers atleast – ideally two are needed , one would be for emergency.
7. An extra pair of T-Shirt or top or Kurti for yourself is a must in case the baby pukes.
8. Baby wipes – 30 in number, and two handkerchiefs or napkins.
9. Two copies of your baby’s birth certificate and a passport size photo.
10. If you do not have a passport yet, make sure you enroll for Aadhar in India. It’s the most hassle free experience and gets over in 30minutes.
11. Check out for the family bathroom or a washroom that is infant/toddler friendly and do not forget to check your baby atleast twice for change of diapers.
12. During the flight make sure the baby chews something while take off and landing as the low pressure can hurt the ears of the baby.
13. If you can feed the baby, well and good, but some babies are prone to stay awake, so just put something chewy in their mouth.
14. Cover their ears thoroughly with cotton to avoid any noise.
15. Download your baby’s favourite songs for any inflight entertainment and distraction.
16. Carry a favourite cloth book or board book for easy distraction.
17. Get some sleep while your baby sleeps, in the flight, in the car or in the train. Even a nap would do, it will help you relax and get energised.
18. For easier organisation get some zip pouches to store baby wipes, napkins, diapers and pacifiers separately. It is cost effective and time saving.
19. Instead of making your baby watch cartoons or nursery rhymes or any kind of kid learning videos, try showing and making them listen to Bollywood, classical and some meaningful songs related to classical or Carnatic music. This helps them develop a taste at an early age and you can load some songs in your phone or get them downloaded from YouTube prior to travelling so that your baby is engaged. This is one tip that has worked wonders for me even while feeding my baby and I have a calm and playful baby even when I travel!
20. Make sure that you carry a rucksack instead of any side bag or big purse, that way you can handle your baby quicker and faster.
21. If your baby does not like Cerelac or outside baby food, make some at home by grinding moong Dal and sonamasuri rice, roast it, add jeera powder, cumin powder, salt, turmeric and some ghee and your khichdi powder for the baby is ready. My baby just loves this combination.

Do not hesitate to ask for help if required because toddlers and infants need extra attention. If anything gets over or you need something extra, just stop by at a restaurant and ask for extra tissues and some fresh fruit juice or boiled cow’s milk and make do for one meal for your baby!

This is not at all rocket science!!

©Rucha Sudhir Khot


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