The Experience Of A Pregnant Soul At BlumenInsel Mainau

Blumensel Mainau is one of the enchanting islands situated on Lake Constance that borders the DACH countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It has a strategic central location in Europe which makes it a favourite tourist destination amongst the Europeans. It is bustling with energy and humans, blooming with flowers and stays equally wonderful in all the seasons of the year.

Out of all the islands on Lake Constance, Mainau Island is the most famous and draws thousands of visitors every year due to its unique beauty and spectacular dedication to the conservation of flowers, trees and nature. Visiting Mainau with kids, as a family or even as a visitor is a great way to spend the day on this beautiful island.

The year-round beauty of the Flower Island Mainau can be explored on a 45 hectare of impressive gardens. The second largest butterfly house in Germany invites everybody to its tropical world with numberless colourful butterflies and blossoms. The best surprise comes at one of the themed gardens including a Rhododendron Slope, Italian Rose Garden, Dahlia Garden and Hydrangea Path or the Herbaceous Garden.

You can also enjoy the day with a shopping tour in the store of Diana Countess Bernadotte. This store has some of the choicest items for your shopping needs and nothing that you buy from here will ever go unnoticed by the naked eye.
You can drive to Mainau Island easily and park in the mainland parking lot next to the island. It is paid parking (currently 5 euro for the day) and you get a token at the ticket booth to put into the machine on the way out. After paying for a ticket at the ticket booths you simply walk across a pedestrian bridge to the island.

The pedestrian bridge linking the parking lot to the island is a short walk but very picturesque. As you continue along the bridge, there are open areas where you can walk down to the rocky shore and skip pebbles or watch the swans swim by. There are benches along the pathway where you can stop to enjoy a snack. The best time to visit the island garden of Mainau is late spring, summer and early fall. The nearest railway station to the island is Friedrichhafen.
Why this trip is special to me? It is because this was the last travel adventure I undertook with my friends Shreya and Anita before I settled down in my seventh month of pregnancy and took rest at home.

The approximate time to see this whole place is 250 minutes excluding lunch time. It also serves as an ideal picnic spot!

Sharing the contact details below to book your ticket or check out how to reach here on your next Europe tour!

Mainau GmbH
Insel Mainau
78465 Mainau Island

Tel.: +49 7531 3030

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BlumenInsel Mainau

PS – You get awesome cheese cake, beer and coffee on the island. Try the strawberry cheese cake, the orange squash cake alongwith coffee during tea time. Adult ticket for the whole day is 21 euros. You can even spot baby ponies if you are lucky!

PC – Anita Klein and Shreya Patwardhan

©Rucha S Khot

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