Twenty Travel Hacks That Will Keep You On Your Toes

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More often than not, we always end up making a few mistakes or blunders on our travels that seem so miniscule or tiny, but the impact that it leaves on our travel experience be it business, leisure or holiday, spoils the fun. You remember the good things on your travel or journey but at the back of your mind one little irritating, embarrassing or uncomfortable experience haunts you.
Here is me bringing you some recent hacks to keep you on your toes and save you from those unpleasant woes.

1. Always book preferred seats on the left sides of the plane. Generally according to jet rules exiting the plane will start from that side.
2. Carry a spare charger in your handbag or luggage.
3. Do not fly with a cold, in case you get one be sure to drink lots of warm water with lemon.
4. If you want early service and quicker clearance then prefer seating at the rear side of the plane.
5. While traveling and during your flights or transportation in any transit wear comfortable shoes or flats. Heels will reduce your pace and also tire you out. Celebrities have people around them who keep things ready. We do not.
6. If you get a chance, while booking or before checking in research the layout of the plane for the best seats.
7. Do not exchange currency at the airport. It is costly. If you are flying international, carry a few US dollars in cash with you because they have less transaction and exchange fees.
8. If you must use a blanket from the airline while on a flight, make sure it is one that is wrapped in plastic. The same goes for pillows.
9. If you travel a lot you should consider setting up a packing routine. With a packing routine, you use the same bags every time. In each bag, every item you pack has a specific place.
10. In order to ensure you get enough rest while traveling, try not to use electronic devices before going to bed. The blue light they produce stimulates the production of serotonin instead of melatonin, which will keep you up.
11. Look for creases in your hotel room bedsheets. No crease means used before and unhygienic.
12. A great way to save space in your suitcase is to roll your clothes as opposed to folding them. And while you can generally fit about the same amount of clothing using both methods, rolling your clothes gives you more space up top which you can use for other items.
13. If you’re a full-time traveller a little hand laundry is impossible to avoid. Instead of spending a small fortune on the hotel laundry service, use the towel heat racks in the bathroom to dry your hand-washed clothes.
14. Even though hotels and hostels are the best ways or the most preferred ways to plan your stays always check if any apartment is available lesser than the hotel price at a higher luxury. Airbnb never disappoints and you can make great friends too!
15. If in India prefer and IRCTC to book anything. For hotels it is hands down Trivago. Some ads are irritating but these companies are doing a great job. In my personal experience , and including Oyo for hotels need to pace up.
16. Do not try to take taxi or public transport everywhere. Throw your bags in the hotel and walk or take a hopping tour. Its the best way to explore!… You will also enjoy a lot.
17. Avoid taking the airport taxi to anywhere unless you are a group of more than 3 people traveling together. It is outright costly. Prefer apps Like Beat, Uber, Ola or simply use public transport if you travel in lesser groups or solo like me.
18. While packing your stuff do not pack soaps and shampoos, instead buy a shower gel cum shampoo, you get it for brands like Nivea and Loreal. They come in handy and save you the space.
19. Plan your outfits if possible. Generally two pairs of jeans along with two shorts and a cocktail dress is enough for a tour of ten days, of course with your choice of t-shirts and dresses.
20. This is the most easiest. Keep all your liquids together. It saves you Time, space, effort and even the organization.

I have been traveling on my own with planned tours, business travels, solo and of course for leisure independently for the past four years since 2015. Mostly covering Asia, India and Europe. These hacks will keep you on your toes and save you the blunder of making mistakes on your travels that I made and incurred a few losses. With around 28 countries behind my back, 25 explored and 3 just visited I am confident of providing sure shot solutions for a comfortable travel with reasonable prices and a wonderful experience.

Stay tuned to my blog for hacks, lifestyle and travel.

Signing off – Rucha S Khot
Founder – Flora Language Solutions

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  1. Shweta Arora says:

    Superb, this is so handy to read before planning the travel. thanks Rucha for sharing it.

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