Flora Testimonies 12

Flora Testimonies 12

Travel goals with this munchkin!
It is still so difficult and chaotic to manage you.
To listen to your wonders and get you to listen.
To make you hover around us rather than around the stumps.
To hold you still rather than in a jiffy.
To cuddle you with satisfaction rather than that wriggly mode.
This little shining light of mine manages to be obedient and a brat at the same time.
How time passes?
She was a fur ball last year wrapped up in a tiny bundle and now she is growing up to be my young girl.
Her pearl eyes look so radiant even in her sleepy mode.
Will she ever remember these pretty days?
Will she ever ask us about those fiery moments we spent with her?
So much happens in a whiff of a moment and then all we can do is savour those tiny pieces of the puzzle that we gathered with her.
She has such innocence in her voice and is so comforting in every situation she manages to hug me.
How she takes away all our energy yet manages to bring laughter in our ever mundane routine lives.
At times I render her so indecisive when she gets confused of what to play but then she surprises us with her sharp intellect and observation skills as brilliant as that of Sherlock Holmes.
I want to engulf all her surroundings only with positive vibes and optimistic thoughts but then being the confused mother I myself am, get disheartened even by the slightest discomfort she shows.
A rare thing to come by, is it also abnormal to get jealous of her or put in nicer words, ever envy her?
I get fearful that Kris loves her more and in those tight moments have to remind myself that she is indeed the apple of our eye and deserves every nano attention her father can give her in the world!

Cheers to this rock star and warrior princess of mine!


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