Corona – A Boon In Disguise ?

Honestly speaking it is not really boring sitting at home and avoiding all the places we could have been, all the world we could have seen, all the food we could have eaten and all the fun we all would have altogether if we gave up on social distancing.

However, Corona has got in a load of good stuff to learn and implement for all of us.
It was a result of the imbalance we caused to nature. Nature like they say has its own ways of restoring balance in the world for the well-being of the planet.

One side when all the DO’s and DONT’s of Corona are being discussed, made viral, experts from the Whatsapp University coming to our rescue, Social Media Experts without a degree giving us their knowledge and sharing their vast wisdom, it is interesting to note the positives of this outcome. After all everything happens for a reason and our parents as well as teachers always taught us to be optimistic.

People have realized that we all were going in the wrong direction, including me. “Baki Sab Moh Maya Hai”, came to picture, right?
After ages family members have started seeking refuge in being together and learning vocational skills. The concept of doing nothing has suddenly reached its zenith. Eating, Sleeping and Screen Time are being lauded. Once upon a time success was far-fetched. Now everyone is finding solitude in just being happy and learning new skills. Humanity has found its way back into our lives. Pollution has reduced and to our horrors suddenly wildlife is returning to its habitat. We are scared for our lives!… Wow – happy realization, as if it was not precious before.

Religion – the hell with it.
Politics – let me take a break, I am exhausted.
Racism – Hello!… What?…. Its a person.
Gender Inequality – Hey, we are humans!
Hatred – Forget it, help them, Karma – you know!

The most alarming news that I came cross was that it has cut emissions faster than climate negotiations!… Hurray, Welcome to 2020, Climate Change is real. And we have “realized” it. I know of the fact that some industries cannot be closed down like Oil, Coal, Steel, Manufacturing etc. to an extent because our lives (modern) depend on them. We need them to transport goods, run houses, and feed ourselves. But the Corona Virus taught us to survive on the bare minimum we could, to prioritise, to know what is first and later, to set our level of importance of necessity straight. It is a miracle!

A boosting consumption always comes at the cost of the planet. This race for global obsession and GDP had to end. It has put a stop to our limitless greed and taught us to slow down.

Also, the epiphany of what our elders told us was true has dawned upon us and we being the powerless earthlings we are now, have taken the decision to abide by those. Oh, junk food is unavoidable, we told ourselves, but hey! – the market is booming with fruits and vegetables of all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes, because they said, Vitamin C was needed so they told us to consume food of all kinds of colors!
We heard that right – now (before I think it fell upon deaf ears)

Let’s not enter the debate of being vegetarian and non- vegetarian. I was a hard core non-vegetarian one year back. Its this year that my consumption is minimal and I have swore to at the least try vegan!… Because who knows I might eat a bat and get Nipah or Corona!
Well, the choice lies with you. If you can read this blog or article, whatever you want to call it, I am sure you are fully capable of making right eating choices. China became the first country to ban wildlife trade and consumption after this outbreak, and additionally cut down on many sea-products too, because there is something called guilt you know, before it was scrapped under the term of collateral damage but now when you yourself become collateral damage, there hardly any choice!!
Do or the very least try to do things that are in greater good for this planet. It makes a difference if hundred people think alike everyday. Bacon made me wonder if turning it down was really necessary, but now I realize its not a luxury, its the need!

A recent wonder miracle that occurred recently because of the travel ban was that the poor of that particular country suddenly have food for themselves at subsidized rates. They are able to afford food – Claps!
When the entire supply chain gets affected, it means fewer vehicles, fewer means of transport everywhere, cleaner air, reduced consumption and stress on the planet, automatic practice of minimalism, lo and behold – the Paris Climate Treaty targets have been achieved as if conjured in magic!

Recently heard of a meme going around that said our grandparents were called to war and we are called to be on our sofas – its like saying we are getting privileges. Why not just take it and draw, paint, write, sing, dance, create, sculpt, make, watch, read or even learn from this free opportunity?

This was all the jargon, blah blah and bites in general. Let’s get microscopic, in my neighborhood, people now greet with a smile and namaste, everyone is washing hands automatically while coming into the house, including my husband (thank you for keeping the house clean Kris! ), sanitizers are being used before and after eating, the restaurants are empty but the vegetable markets are full with evergreen produce, thank god!… My house help is also washing hands! – I must have surely done some Good Karma to get this, my class kids are maintaining hygiene at the age of 8 and 9 – Applause!… I have started exercising a lot :),  well I have started eating fruits – (That I peel myself – its an achievement), kitty parties are getting canceled, malls are closed so Netflix subscriptions have increased and Amazon Prime has gone one step ahead and made itself available for free with an Airtel Connection!

So much for Covid – 19!

And also another good thing, I am back to writing! 🙂 :).. After a long time!

So, thank you Corona for giving us a break, giving us solitude, time to ponder, time to settle, time to relax and be with our families, time to be normal again! 🙂

– Rucha S Khot


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