Quarantine Dialogue And Funny Woes

Hubby : Why are you getting angry?
Me : I had sanitized this chair you are dropping food again. Get up and clean it !
Hubby : Sigh! (Cleans chair)
Hubby : Give me some tea.
Me : How many times will I prepare tea?.. You just had it.
Hubby : Sigh!
Hubby : I cannot eat this food everyday.
Me : Eat or go. I don’t have time to make restaurant style food everyday.
Me : Stop touching things unnecessarily after you come from office. I had cleaned the house.
Hubby : Sigh! (Washes hands again)
Me : Why haven’t you taken bath yet?
Go take bath or don’t come home.
Hubby : Sigh! (Goes and takes a bath)
Me : Wash your own plates today, maid will not come.
Hubby : Sigh! ( I will take care of the kid and also change the diaper – please do not make me do this! )
Me – OK, clean the shit.
Hubby – (quietly cleans the shit and takes the child).
Me – I told you to keep the milk covered. Its open and now baby has to drink spoilt milk.
Hubby – Sigh! ( goes and gets milk in the middle of nowhere)
Me – Please download some good movies or series for me. I cannot watch depressing stuff!
Hubby – (downloads Contagion, Special Ops and Virus)
Me – thinking ( its time to remove “Belan” from kitchen )

Quarantine Woes! 🤔☺😎🤥😐🤐😅
©Rucha SK

How many of you are experiencing this?
PS – some of it is a joke!
Please take it lightly!


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